Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thanks on a Thursday......

The wind has certainly blown today. I could bemoan the fact that the daffodils are all flattened (or are now picked and in my vases around the house) or I could rejoice in the fact that all my washing is bone dry and smelling of the fresh air. We will go with the latter, I think.

I am in a thankful mood.

Yesterday, my youngest son had to defend his expert witness testimony in a court for his law module. A pretend court, but he was cross-questioned by a real barrister, who I suspect, eats students for breakfast. The good news is that David survived. The great news is that it appears to have gone very well indeed. You have NO idea how relieved I am. I cannot believe that the child - well, man - he is 22 this Sunday - will be graduating this summer. It was just yesterday he was a power ranger. Or so it seems. Sigh.

So back to being thankful.

  1. David's court thingy went very well

  2. The washing is dry

  3. A friend has offered to paint the room I want to turn into my study

  4. Coffee out and a great chat with another friend this morning

  5. Lamb stew bubbling away

  6. Crocheted flowers in a pile next to my couch

  7. Finishing a totally forgettable book. It took forever. But I hate giving up.

  8. Discovering that a "weed" is actually a daisy

  9. The excitement of discovering that the lovely gentle movie I watched yesterday afternoon has been made into a whole TV series too

  10. Skyping with Missy this afternoon, and hearing her new words.

Now, if Blogger would actually post this with paragraphs without me having to resort to fiddling with the html, that would be just peachy.


Vee said...

It appears that Blogger is on his toes. Her toes?

You make me grin with your commentary about this son of yours...congrats to him for a job well done...when you said that just yesterday he was a power ranger. (Yes, just yesterday my son was a Duke of Hazzard, but now he sits quietly in his office crunching numbers. How'd that happen.)

And what are you going to do with your pile of crocheted flowers? Hmmm??? I can't stop doing them. Wonder if the town bridge would look charming and festive decorated with them.

It must be fun to Skye with Missy. Such a cute age when all the world opens up so wide.

Glad that the weed is a daisy. Good title for a book...

Stripeyspots said...

It's funny you made that comment about the book that you just can't give up on, even though it's not worth the time. I'm exactly the same!

Becky said...

It seems like a couple months ago that David first went off to University! I'm glad he's doing so well.

Linda said...

All is well Linds. Your list is wonderful. I can hardly believe is about to graduate either! Time is just going far too quickly.
I'm with you on finishing a forgettable book. I feel I must.
What is the movie?

The Bookworm said...

My problem with blogger is not lack of paragraphs, but giant saves between them, also requiring tinkering with html. Grrrr!!! And please tell us what movie!

The Bookworm said...

Saves???? i mean SPACES.