Friday, March 25, 2011

Sun and fun in the garden.....

Ah, Spring................ the sun has been shining, the skies are blue, the washing has been flapping in the breeze, doors and windows open, and birds chirping all day. I moved one of my chairs outside and sat there for a while, just soaking it all up, with a grin on my face. The baskets have new soil in them, and so do the pots which are free, and there are seedlings coming up in the greenhouse of the flowery variety. The vegetables are in my sewing room, near the window, which is a sun trap. They should start emerging in a week or so. I think. But I am in there each morning, just checking.Oh, how I love this time of year!
Since I have been back, the days have flown by - sorting paperwork, discovering another lovely place for coffee, getting ready to send some things off to the auctioneer - that takes the 40 bags in 40 days to new heights, doesn't it - how many bags would one giant cupboard be equal to????? And spending some time with friends as well. I had a lovely afternoon yesterday with my friend, whose birthday I forget. Every single year. And so I take her out to tea as a grovelling apology. It has now become a tradition. But it was just so good to sit together and catch up for a couple of hours, with no time constraint.
And then there is the singing too. One rehearsal last night, and another tomorrow. What we don't manage in accuracy, we make up for in enthusiasm. It will be perfect on the night. Well, it may not be quite perfect, but we will sound outstanding anyway. There are 2 performances this weekend, and they have been sold out for weeks. I did mention to the musical director, that it is impossible to sing any African sort of music without moving. You will never see an African choir just standing and singing. Hmmm. Jon, the musical director, keeps asking me if I am feeling homesick yet. If the sound is perfect, according to him, I should be homesick. Right. Not yet. Maybe it is the moving bit.....
So, apart from the singing and the friends, and the sun, being outdoors and doing small things around the garden has been the best. A little weeding, and trying to remember what I planted where and when, and grinning at the thought of the colour to come...... I am thinking about how to work out the vegetable garden here. I may change things around, when I can gather some people with muscles together. Those growbags are heavy!


All of the above was written yesterday. I sort of got side-tracked and ended up snoozing on the couch in the evening. All the sun and fresh air, you know!

And today was more sun and more garden. However, it has been a trying day. Starting with a call to find out when my hospital appointment is actually going to be. In my next lifetime, it appears. Well, they have no idea. 18 weeks ago was when I was told there was a 16 week waiting list. Fair enough. But now they have changed their booking process, and in the middle of April, they will be sending out letters telling us how to go about making an appointment. And the waiting list could well be another 16 weeks. As I said, in my next life.

So I was a little ticked off. And decided to get out in the garden and breathe and be. Hah. Everything in the garden was wrong. The ideas in my head do not meld with the reality of the size. And everything in it was in the wrong place today. So I stomped about and .......

Is is just as well I have not had visitors. I have not been all sweetness and light. But I am about to have some chocolate pudding and will then go and sing. It is the weekend. Smile, Linds.

OOOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I forgot to tell you about the huge bright spot in my day! I won a giveaway at Helen's place and it dropped through the letterbox this morning. I was SO excited! It is a quilting book called Fresh Quilting by Malka Dubrawsky and it is absolutely stunning. I can't wait to start some stash busting. So you see - something nice always happens!

Thanks again, Helen!


Helen in Switzerland said...

Thanking you for thanking me....!
Your camelias (they are camelias aren't they?) are utterly divine and I'm deeply, deeply envious!!!
Maybe in April a miracle will happen and you will find yourself with only a 2 week wait! I do hope so!

Vee said...

I was halfway through your post when I realized that you were placing lovely photos of your flowers throughout so had to backtrack and pay attention because the only real posies here are on my table. What a nice win and so very perfect for you. You're going to have fun. Things like medical appointments going awry annoy me, too. Hope that you get there just when you're supposed to. Guess that's where you'll have to leave it unless there's another step to take. A fun weekend to you...happy singing!

Needled Mom said...

I am so glad that you are enjoying some divine sunshine and gardening time. Your flowers are gorgeous!! Isn't it a fun time of the year for gardens?

What a shame about the appointment. Grrr. I can imagine how frustrated you must be.

Congratulations on your win. I can't wait to see what you do with it.

Linda said...

Those flowers look absolutely exquisite to me Linds! I think you are an amazing gardener. My sad little flower garden is in need of a serious facelift.
I'm glad you had sunshine and time with friends. I hope your appointment will be sooner than you think. It is terrible to have to wait so long.
Have a blessed weekend Linds!

Stripeyspots said...

I've been really missing your garden/spring posts so I'm so glad to see this one!

Sheila said...

Thank you for your beautiful photos! It's wonderful that you have your garden to delight in. In Canada we are talking about the possibility of spring towards the end of April...that means the snow might be melted by then so we are busy rearranging our houses and trying to lighten things up inside as we wait. I wonder if talking to your Doctor might result in your appointment being treated as a top priority. I hate to think of you suffering for so long.