Monday, April 30, 2012

The sun has re-appeared.......


Well, it is shining sporadically and I actually sat under my apple tree with my coffee for 10 minutes. And the heavy washing is out there blowing in the wind. And the gasman has been and my aged limping along boiler is doing as well as can be expected and passed its test, so we will hopefully have heating through next winter. It will not be replaced  until I either win the lotto or discover a pot of gold. And neither is remotely likely, is it now. Well, our ancestors did without heating and we are not wimps. And we have friends with good new boilers if all else fails. Sorted. But it passed! Another miracle!! 2 in one day is very good. Sunshine and boilers. Heat.
Please note the blue skies!
And the rest of the day has involved a little fabric cutting, a little re-potting of seedlings and a lovely time chatting to a friend far away and one also far away, but closer. In Scotland. And stuff like doctor appointments and chemists and more meds but we will skip merrily over that part.
It appears that my suspicions were accurate. I must have tipped 750 Nemesia seeds into the seed tray. And they are fighting for space now, 4 inches tall and needed sorting, so I started. I would love to say I finished doing them, but I have only done half, and have about 80 pots of the stuff, and I ended up putting clumps of about 30 into each pot. I love Nemesia plants - the colours are stunning. I may just have overdone the seed thing though. But then, my garden is all about overdoing stuff. Bursts of colour. No spaces. A jungle, in other words. But my friends may be getting Nemesias and tomatoes. And maybe more. I need a bigger greenhouse. Or 10. Bigger garden.
No. We are fine making do here, and colour will be great. When they grow bigger. In desperation, I now have some trays of plants out in the open. They need to toughen up anyway. I just hope they survive.

What can I hanging baskets are just beautiful....unique......

See? The new look for 2012. 

Seriously, though, I have had to resort to plastic shopping bags because the birds are destroying them. They are tearing apart the coir/straw-like stuff for their nests, and enough is enough. Until I can plant them up and have enough soil in to stop the birds, they will stay this way. A conversation piece, if ever there was one. Quite ingenious, I thought!
And hopefully I will not need my step ladder any time soon, because there you see the reason my basket's have been stripped. One nest. On the step ladder. Carefully positioned just above the tumble drier air vent, so the little birds will have central heating too. I must say, the parents are clever birds. Maybe I should put out the wool scraps so they can make a blanket too.


Needled Mom said...

Yeah for sunshine!!!!!! Yeah for a boiler pass too!!!!!!

I do like the colorful look of the new baskets. I'll bet the birds are not happy about the new look. I do say that the fabric bits might be quite welcomed for those blankets.

Stripeyspots said...

I love the cosy nest!

Edith said...

Love the nest location. Sometimes those birds are smarter than we give them credit for. Having said of our cats is not! She lost a litter due to having them in the trash bin on a very cold night when it also rained. Sadness.

What are Nemesias?