Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bath again.............

The trouble with high humidity is that you can leave the gym with beautifully smooth and silky hair, and after an hour in the garden, you look as if you have been savaged by some alien curling tongs. Well, your hair does, I mean. Ugh. That would be me as I speak. Corkscrew curls at right angles to the head. Not a pretty sight. The garden likes the humidity, though. Not so much the rain, but the warm air, absolutely. 

Jean and I had good intentions this morning. We intended to distribute the shredded paper over the compost heap at the allotment, and then turn it so it has a chance to rot down. That was before I decided that I was way too tired to get up dirty my hands before going to gym. So we didn't. Instead, I went along to collect her for aqua a little early, so we wandered round her garden and surveyed things for a while. 
Aqua was such fun, although hard work. I couldn't find my gym card anywhere when we got there, even after upending my gym bag and discovering the last 3 bathing costumes I had discarded in the bottom, but the nice receptionist knows me so let me in anyway. And I found it in my anorak pocket when I got home. It rained last Thursday. That is a relief. It is found. 
Home to sit under the apple tree with coffee and then it started raining misty rain. Where did that come from? I swear the weather report excluded the chance of rain. A rare event, but, as it turns out, they were wrong. Again. So I pottered off to check on Glynis and give her the bath bomb I bought her at Lush in Bath, and to Relate All from the trip down there yesterday. 
Bath is so beautiful. 
We arrived at 11ish after leaving just after 8 and that was not bad. It usually takes 3 to 3 and a half hours to get there, but then that is because I need to stop and walk about. Not that I do the driving at the moment. So I had an hour to show the kind friend who offered to ferry me there and back around, and  point out places I thought may appeal. And time to do a little shopping too, and wander around the crowded streets alleyways.  So many unique little places. The chain stores seem far away. The sun shone. So many people. It is the start of the high tourist season, and, with the Olympics starting in 31 days, according to the website, the country will have a great many visitors. 
So I went to my appointments, and left the hospital 2 and a half hours later, needing a nap, with a long list of stuff to do. De-sensitising exercises x 3 to be repeated 4-6 times a day. Breathing exercises. Instructions to keep on with the aquarobics and aquazumba, up the core exercises and to practice meditation and mindfulness. Right. I will be becoming a hermit, emerging only for the gym visits at this rate. However, if they work......... 
I go back next month for more training. Just for the day. Just as well I like Bath. And the people trying to help. 
 Such a pretty place. No - beautiful. A beautiful place. 


Vee said...

I'm just trying to wrap my head around how long it would take to properly attend to those exercises. Trust them for now and see how it goes. (Remember when John used to faithfully sit with weights pulling his neck? He returned to the doctor much improved and the doctor was incredulous asking how it was accomplished. John told him that he had followed his directions to the letter to which the doctor replied, "No one has ever done that before." Ha! Perhaps you'll surprise your docs, too.)

Bath is a lovely town! I'm glad that you don't mind visiting there.

Needled Mom said...

Oh my dear....how would you ever accomplish anything else with an exercise schedule like that???

Bath looks beautiful. The flowers look so pretty.

Pam said...

Bath is nice, isn't it? Must get back some day (when we no longer have responsibilities. Or cats.)