Monday, June 18, 2012

A simple day.................

2 of the 14 hanging baskets. They are starting to fill out now. I love the golden late evening light! 
I started a new aqua class this morning, and it seems to have turned my legs into dead weights. It was good though. I am off to Bath next Monday and I suddenly remembered the instructions suggestions they gave me -"the aquarobics class is good, Linds, but don't forget to do other kinds of exercise too." Oops. Well, I started off with the pilates, and then that took a hike when the flare-up happened. I have yet to attempt it again.  Ah well. Things have changed. And in time I will get back to it. Maybe I will do a gym session before Monday. We will see. Actually, now I come to think about it, one of the Bath consultants reads this, I think,  so I will have been rumbled.

It turned into a beautiful day today. After the aquarobics this morning, I went out to lunch with Peter, Glynis's husband, at Podington, a favourite garden centre. A serious garden centre. If you want answers to gardening questions, they are brilliant. I needed some tomato stands and the assistant was great - I now have 6, but could do with 6 more. I foresee a huge tomato glut this year. Again. We have been buried under tomatoes before. I love how the garden centre advisors there are all older gentlemen who have a lifetime of gardening knowledge to share. They have seen it all before!
The new tomato stands, which grip the pots and allow the cane to stand straight and keep it in place. Brilliant. 
Glynis is making progress, but it has been slow. Hopefully she will be home by the end of the week. I can't wait to see her again. I speak to her most days, and Peter keeps me updated with the in between bits. We still have her 60th birthday to celebrate. They are family - I have known them forever. And I love their boys - Humph and Dougal, the dogs. I have been with them most days. They are confused because their mum is not around. I did manage to offload some more tomato plants on Peter. That was after he also followed my example and bought some stands! Glynis is vegetarian and loves salads, so they could do with more than the 4 plants I had already given them.

Sigh. I do love growing things. My uncle and my paternal grandmother would be so proud. They were the gardening experts in the family. As I have said before, it is one way I can give back, whether in produce or plants, to my friends. And soon the first of the potatoes will be ready to dig up. I planted them in March, so the 90 days should be up soon. Mind you, a few weeks of sun would help and I do believe the sun will shine on and off this week. The highest temp in the next 5 days is 20C, but 20C seems tropical top me. I want to ditch the sweaters and fleeces and don the summer garb again. 

Mind you, the first thing I need to do tomorrow is the washing. I really want it to dry outside and not in my kitchen for a change. And it is sort of piling up as I wait for the illusive sunshine. And then there is the aquazumba class, of course. 

A simple day. Pottering in the garden, exercising, chatting to friends and sitting under the apple tree. And the doors to the garden are still open at 9pm. A miracle!


Linda said...

It sounds nice Linds - a lovely day. I hope Glynis will be home soon. You are a sweet friend.
Your garden is doing well despite the weather.Home grown tomatoes sound so good. The store bought ones are just tasteless. Perhaps next year I'll be brave and give it a try.

Cait O'Connor said...

Pottering is one of my favourite occupations. You obviously have the skill at growing tomatoes and those stands look a great idea.

Vee said...

So glad that Glynis is expected home this week. Goodness, she really has had a long journey. I'm sure that she'll recuperate better at home.

Those tomato stands really are something. I've not seen anything like them here.

Run Quilt Knit Write said...

Sounds like a lovely day Linds!

Isabelle said...

I like pottering too. And the long sunny days (well, two in a row so far...).

Sandra said...

I love pottering around too :) Love your hanging baskets, I don't have luck with those, but I think it's the Arizona heat, they just don't survive out here.