Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Every day holds magic in it.

That thought just shot into my mind a minute ago, and I knew I had to write it down. Remember the magic. The indrawn breath when I notice a new flower blooming. The way nothing in nature ever clashes. Amazing. The little things. The scent of fresh coffee. The way the sun casts golden rays across my kitchen. I did say sun. It is shining as I speak and I gather the next 4 days will be revolting, but even then, there will be magic.

It is all in the way I am looking at my life right now. My sister has had a series of trials all coming at the same time, and we talked about what was likely, what was not, when to think about panic and when to ignore, and how to see the joy. The magic. The things which make you catch your breath.

Hmmm. Maybe I didn't talk enough about that to her. I must.

I know it will rain tomorrow, so I cut some roses and they are in a vase on my table now. I look at them and grin. I know they last longer out on the bush, but the rain will make them bend and wither, so I can rather see them here inside for a few days.
Glynis is on her way home at last - another wonderful thought. Her sister graduated cum laude today in Cape Town - another reason to celebrate and smile. I popped down to the allotment this morning, because some children from the local junior school were visiting on their eco day. There was weeding to be done (by me) and the planting of some carrots too. And even though I was dripping yet again and had to use the shirt to mop the brow - I never learn, do I - it was wonderful to see the plants growing, and my new water catching pipes working too, for when the rain comes. A total joy not to have to hike down the path to reach the tap.
 And there is magic in the simple too. My latest marine ripple is almost finished and the lounge will be done. It is looking good now that I have tweeked a few of the bits in it. I like it now. Tomorrow. You can see it tomorrow. It makes me smile. See? A simple thing.
 I have a vast selection of flowers gathered over the years, and, to match the rainbow kitchen. I stuffed a multi-coloured bunch of them in a vase on the windowsill. They make me smile too.
 Ah, the magic. It is in the way I choose to see things. You see, some may be daunted by the mountains I am climbing each day, and I could well have been too. But I choose to see the challenges as a game. And I like winning when I play games. It is fun.

I love looking for bargains.Don't we all?? Looking for simple things which are either free or very nearly free. I love taking random bits and putting them together and making something original. I was just making a list for my shopping expedition with Jean tomorrow after aquazumba - she has been teaching all week and can't wait to go and play. I had 2 blue flowers on the list. Nothing special. Then I though, hang on, maybe a swirl or 2 of blue ribbon would work instead of spending money on flowers. A free solution. A game. One I delight in.

I love wandering through the charity shops and looking for particular items. Sometimes I find them. Often I don't. But it is fun. I love having an Amazon gift voucher waiting for me to press the "buy now" button. I wait. I always wait. Any gift card. I love just knowing I could do or buy something if I wanted to. I make myself wait. It is all a part of the game. And it makes me smile.

Being 58 is interesting. Hilarious at times. I have decided to view the ageing process with humour. The alternative is too depressing for words. So humour it is. You know, I have tended in recent years, toward buying boring neutral kinds of clothes. Things which mix and match and go with everything. The same kind of things. But this morning, I put on a bright tshirt and could not believe the difference. I looked 10 years younger. Maybe there is something in that "when I grow old I will wear purple" thing after all. Purple actually looks good. Neutrals drain the colour and life out of me. And I am not ready to have the life drained out of me yet. {{Shudder}}

There are still adventures to be had.

And magic to be found.


Run Quilt Knit Write said...

Attagirl! You are so right!!!

Olson Family said...

Love all the flower pic's and the shot of your red, white & blue sitting room - looks cheery and bright. Just what I needed. Thank You!
I agree - Purple is good. As is a colorful life.

Vee said...

Purple really? I'm wearing gray and I feel like the dickens. Perhaps I need to perk up.

Your flowers are beautiful and deliciously colorful. I feel like having some tropical lifesavers all of a sudden.

Don't you worry, that rain will end and then the heat will soon come.

Stripeyspots said...

Linds, I think you make the magic!

Needled Mom said...

Magic to be found...inded. Your flowers are glorious! I love fresh flowers in the house.