Saturday, June 30, 2012

Dismantling and prattle..............

Has anyone noticed that as soon as you open the "New Post" page, it automatically goes into drafts as an untitled post? Hmmm. I deleted loads of them this morning. Blank pages. What do I want blank pages for??? And why isn't spellcheck working when I click on it? I think Blogger is doing something odd behind the scenes.
A couple of things are have been buzzing around my head this morning, and right now I have forgotten all of them, but hopefully they will return as I prattle on here. I could hardly bring myself to watch the tennis last night - Roger came very close to heading home, and my heart cannot stand the stress. So instead, I got out the screwdriver and started removing screws from my built in desk in the study. The same desk my computer is standing on this minute as my fingers dance across the keyboard. (The word "dance" has stayed in my mind ever since the last post, you see.) 
The structure of the study minus all the books etc
Today is the day that the computer will be moved. Whether I will ever get it set up again is a moot point, because there are 2 towers, 2 keyboards, 2 mouses/mice, 1 printer, 1 camera, 1 screen and assorted dusty cables which seem to be connected to nothing, to move too. And the most important part, the electrical thingymewhatsit plugged into the power socket, which will send my modem signal through the wires to another room which does not have a phone point. See? Enough to give anyone the screaming jibjabs. Oh, and a fax machine - remember them? That has to find a home too. 
After I had taken down the bookcase on top of the cupboards. I made it so that each shelf slotted into the upright. Clever, hey?
When I built this study 12 years ago, it was after a great many attempts to find someone to come in and do the job. Do not ask me why I didn't head straight to Ikea. Oh, I remember now - the nearest one was MILES away back then. So, no-one would build it. I went to the local DIY store, after measuring everything a zillion times, and bought the wood for the support structure. And the screws. And the joint thingys. And believe me, there are at least 10,000 of them. And I built it. To withstand anything, including nuclear attack. And then I went back and asked for some MDF to be cut to size and the revolting little man said - why don't you send your husband to get it - he would know what to do. And I informed him that my husband was otherwise occupied and that I was building it myself. He rolled his eyes and snickered and nudged the man next to him and said something like " she thinks she can build a study".


I drew myself up to an impressive 7ft tall and informed him that I most certainly WAS going to build the study and if he didn't cut my MDF, I would be going elsewhere for it.

He cut it.

And 2 weeks later I took a photo in to show him my stupendous study, with the swooping curve in the MDF which I cut myself, and don't forget the rounded edges. He said nothing. I suggested that he keep his sarcastic words to himself in future.


Only, now I have to undo every one of those 10,000 screws - 4 in every corner brace and they are every 6 inches apart or so. I may have gone a little overboard with the safety of the structure. I even stood on it last night. And it didn't flinch.

How on earth did I go off on such a tangent?
Bookshelves gone, doors gone, and now the shelf is out as well. The entire top left on the structure is in one piece, so that is why the computer has to move now before I carry on wielding a screwdriver
What I really want to do is to open the box with the breakfast nook in it (in pieces) and assemble the bench I will not be using in the nook, because I want that to go outside so I can put some of my pots on it. They need room to cascade. Maybe I will forget the dismantling for today and just open the box. But then there is all the dismantled wood about and what if I lose bits...............

I need more coffee.

You see, unless I finish dismantling it, I can't get a friend to decorate this area and repair the walls and get it ready for the nook to be assembled and painted and in place. Do I paint it before assembling? It is raw pine and will have to be varnished or painted, but this corner will be dark, so maybe white paint is the way to go. I have cushions read for it.

When I said prattle, I clearly meant prattle, didn't I.
The roses are enormous!
I still can't remember what was on my mind when I started writing.
Freshly dug up potatoes for Glynis
 The photos of the garden were taken before the wild winds of the past few days which have blown it all over the place. I unscrambled a couple of pots this morning before giving up and letting the winds do their thing again. They will survive. They usually do. So plants are broken, but there are loads more to take their place.

I was just thinking, as I brought down some buckets of water for the water butt, that I lead a small beige life physically. Water, aqua (there seems to be a theme here) garden, crochet, home. My days are not wildly exciting. However, the kind of life I live inside my head is like a rainbow x 100. Colourful. Extreme. Bright. Adventurous. Busy. The key thing here is to take that rainbow and set it free. Whether in words or deeds.

But right now I need to go and get some fresh bread. I need lunch, seeing that I forgot breakfast and it is now 1.30pm. The tennis will be on too.

So I will hopefully return to announce that the computer is happily settled in its new home. If I don't, you may assume the worst. But I will be back. Sometime......

I hope.


Needled Mom said...

That looks like a major undertaking!!! Oh dear! I do hope that you manage to get it all reassembled properly.

How nice it is to see the rewards from all your hard work in the garden.

Vee said...

I am terribly impressed with your abilities. This kind of building would be beyond me. I am glad that you gave that salesman a comeuppance, which he surely deserved. So now to see where you're heading with all this.. It will be very interesting.

Chris said...

You have a MUCH more colorful life than most people because you take each day and use it to the fullest. That is what I admire most about you.

If that is beige, than I must be colorless!

Keep up the good work!

Isabelle said...

I too am deeply impressed by your DIY skills. And indeed everything else about you.

Sandra said...

Well you certainly have some great DIY skills, goodness, I could never do that.

Love your potatoes, they look yummy :)

diegoagogo said...

Life is never beige if you can grow your own food, build your own home & enjoy as you go.
You are definitely living the rainbow!