Friday, June 29, 2012

Drips and tennis and hello, summer..........

Well, I hope someone else watched the tennis last night apart from me. I suspect most of Europe watched the football. I watched Wimbledon, and that Nadal/Rosol match?? Unbelievable. Stunning. Amazing.

Think of one man, #100 in the world, never played at Wimbledon before, therefore never walked on to Centre Court, only won a few matches in his pro playing career, and his opponent is Nadal - #2 in the world and a blisteringly good tennis player. Cue the sympathy, people.


Nadal didn't have an off day. He is always fabulous to watch. Add Rosol, and no-one has ever heard of him, by the way, a total lack of fear and a serve which left the eyes popping, and what do you get? High drama. Rosol had a spectacularly good "on" day.

At 2 sets all, they stopped for the roof to close, and everyone thought Nadal would nail the 5th set. Hah.Wrong again. The pretender just kept hammering down serves and returns, and finally, on his first match point, he won. Nadal out. In the second round. Unthinkable. Rosol has only played three 5 set matches in his life. He has won all 3.

I was totally exhausted after that.

Watching is hard work, you know. The heart rate soars and plummets. It is like a full cardio workout, I am quite sure. I had already been up at dawn for aquazumba, and then I spent my afternoon contemplating shelves. Well, to be truthful, I took them down. 2 shelves. 12 screws. By the time the shelves with brackets still attached were on the floor, I had fogged up glasses, sweat dripping off the end of my nose, and I had exerted zero energy, because they were dead easy to remove. 5 minutes of effortless work. The sweat was a by-product of the humidity.

Oh the humidity.

The kind where roses bloom from bud to full blown beauty at 9am and you are cutting off the dead heads at 5pm. That kind. The dripping kind. Wilting kind. Today it is was cold hot and windy, but that is enough of this crazy weather, apart from the bit where I tell you that yesterday, parts of the country had hailstones the size of golf balls, parts had monsoon like rain, there were floods in other parts, and this is June. We had the wilty humid bit, for which in retrospect I am thankful.

I am strangely lethargic today. I do not do lethargic. Probably because I have not got the gene which allows you to sit and contemplate your navel, which does not bode well for the meditation type of stuff I am supposed to be doing, does it now. Hmmm.

Oooooh! I know what I can do while doing nothing - my friend Vee emailed me to say that she had been playing, and she is the one responsible for the new header up there at the top. See? So maybe I can go and play with some photos and see what I can do myself now. You know how I hate playing with templates and the like. {{Shudder}}. But who knows - I may be inspired too. Thanks, Vee - maybe this will kick start me into life for a while instead of wanting to go and nap all the time. I will watch the tennis in a while. There may be more excitement afoot - who knows....................

If I can stand all the excitement!


Vee said...

Oh I do hope that you will crop and play and have some fun with it. It's amazing what can be accomplished if you call it PLAY.

I didn't watch tennis and I won't have to now that I've read that amazing description.

Needled Mom said...

I wish I had seen the match. It sounds incredible.

I noticed your new header. Very appropriate! I am terrified to change mine again. The last time I tried it took me three days to figure it out and I hate it.

Run Quilt Knit Write said...

Love the new header Linds!
Now why doesn't Andy Murray ever have any of those over-achiever days?

Crystal said...

The header looks great!! Good luck with your playing. I need to go and water my greenhouse before the tomatoes are all dead - it's hot here today. And the missing spots in the row of peas need to re-seeded, there are still weeds to deal with - it goes on and on. Happy tennis watching!