Monday, May 08, 2006

Book club

Tonight was our book club. We have been meeting for years now, and our format is not like most other book clubs. We don't all read the same book and discuss it, we read different books and all voice opinions about what we think of the different books. The great thing is that we have all read books we would never have dreamt of reading before book club, and our reading range has grown dramatically. Initially we all had small children, and saw each other at school gates and in the playground, but now this is the only regular way of meeting as a group, and it is so good to catch up on each other's lives and families.

I have just finished reading The Colour, by Rose Tremain. Great book about the gold rush in New Zealand. Some of the other books recommended tonight were:
The other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory,
Moon Dust by Andrew Smith,
We need to talk about Kevin by Lionel Shriver
Dissolution by C J Sansom.

There were others but I can't remember them all.
So life is back to normal now, and after a few beautiful days here, which inspired me to go and buy all the plants for the tubs and hanging baskets, it has rained for the past few days. My kitchen looks like a greenhouse. This is a stunning time of the year, and the garden is coming to life more every day. The lilac is in bloom, and the oilseed rape in the fields is bright yellow. The hayfever season has started again, and it is time to start thinking of BBQs. And exams. David starts writing his AS exams on the 22nd May. I thought they were much later. As I said, back to normal again. How on earth do you get boys to work??? It is a long time since Andrew was home and writing exams. I seem to have forgotten how to motivate my son. But then, he is 17 now and I just have to trust that he is doing what he has to do I suppose. Not easy!

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