Sunday, May 21, 2006

Weather still foul

I am now desperate for some sun. This is not amusing at all. Rain, wind and grey skies. It is enough to trigger severe depression.

Last night was the Eurovision song contest and as usual, we all met at the Elvins for a serious bout of judging, complete with score sheets. We rolled with laughter, and as is normal, all the songs we thought were reasonable were failures, and the one we hated won. The rest of Europe take it so seriously, and the United Kingdon does not. Terry Wogan makes the evening. He can never retire.

The allotment is in the process of being weeded. I have yet to take a "before" photo, but am assured that there is still no noticeable sign of improvement.

Yesterday morning I went to Castle Ashby for tea with the Harpers. It was good to relax and pile on the calories with friends, and then wander round the little shops. They have unusual stuff there. So, there you have it. Nothing much exciting to report!

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