Friday, May 12, 2006

Spring is beautiful

Or it was until the thunderstorm an hour ago. The trees were full of blossom which is now all over the drive like snow. We have had a few really hot sunny days and what a difference that has made. It is only 3 weeks since I talked about shoots popping up in the garden. Well, in 3 weeks, it has grown to a jungle. I love this time of the year. There are so many shades of green, and more flowers are coming out every day. I have planted the summer annuals, and changed the pots and the patio is no longer a death trap. The roses are in bud, and the lilac is stunning. Tall irises are about to bloom, and appleblossom is falling on the patio. My friend Jean is giving me some marigolds, squash, tomato and beans for the garden too, so this year I will have more than flowers and herbs to pick. The light seems softer and more golden on the old stone buildings in the village, and eveyone is out in the sun after a long grey winter. And my mood is lighter. So is everyone's. The scent of spring is everywhere. I love it.

It is the FA Cup Final tomorrow. I will be out doing something else. The garden centre may well be empty. Sounds good to me. One can never have too many plants. Rugby I can watch. Football? Not really. I would rather watch cricket or tennis of course. Then the World Cup will be upon us. Football should not be allowed in the summer. It is a winter sport.

Right then. I will go out and take some photos of spring this weekend if the sun is out.After coffee at the garden centre.

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