Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Fixed heart

Well, after a visit to Oxford and the John Radcliffe Hospital this morning, and after x-rays and ecgs, I can report that Geoff's heart is now fixed. Better than ever, and they don't want to see him there again. Professor Taggart has done his work, and is very pleased with the result. So is Geoff. He is back at work, and delighted that he can have his normal life back. He is so lucky that things happened the way they did, and that he saw the right doctors at the right time in the right place. And he is deeply thankful for the NHS and the outstanding medical staff who have been treating him. He will be having check-ups at Northampton General Hospital from now on.
It rained all the way there, and so the wet weather continues to blight the spring. Summer starts officially next week, and there is no sign of sun and hot weather, but with the prospect of hosepipe bans, I suppose we should welcome the rain. No. That is a step too far! Thankfully the wretched roadworks are over in most places on the route to Oxford, so getting there was not as bad an ordeal as it has been in recent weeks.
So there you are............. one of the biggest broken things this year is fixed. Still lots to go but I am getting there.

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