Wednesday, May 17, 2006


It is really not that great when Sky and other news channels report earthquakes near New Zealand. In the afternoon our time. That is the middle of the night NZ time. I want to wake Diana immediately to see if she is alive, but have learnt that her temper is not good at 3 in the morning. I tried another hyperlink. Snarl. Just go to Diana's blog in my list at the side. Hyperlinks. Today's project. I will conquer them.

Talking about earth quaking, Geoff has decided to get an allotment. The earth will indeed have to quake to rid it of weeds, and he has great plans. I am waiting for the vegetables, and am not that patient. It is enormous. For those of you who have no idea why anyone would want an allotment, here in England, houses are usually small, and have small gardens, or in my case, virtually no garden at all, so you can rent a piece of land which is measured in poles, and this one is 10 poles (165ft approximately) long, with a shed at the end, and then you go and grow things. Like Veg and fruit and flowers etc. Geoff has just said it is about 250sq m in total. Huge. Mega huge when you look at the weeds. He will be busy.

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