Wednesday, May 31, 2006

End of May

Well, I was intrigued to note that the blogger website automatically updates your age on your birthday. A small thing, but a reminder that you can't escape time.

I had a great birthday, and was thoroughly spoilt by all, starting with my son and a cup of coffee at the crack of dawn. He then unloaded the dishwasher and stacked it without being asked, which was obviously the direct cause of torrential rain for the rest of the day. I had visitors and calls, and a super meal out with the Harpers in the evening. And there was the twins 3rd birthday party in the afternoon as well. Rocket balloons were a great hitA really special day. My friend Annette, had a super lunch for me the day before my birthday and it was lovely to see my friends, and catch up. Then there was Bekah's ballet display at the Castle, and that was perfect. The child is clearly destined to be a prima ballerina. She is 4. The house is full of flowers, and the scent is wonderful, and a reminder that summer should be nearly here. The fact that we all still have the heating on and that the weather continues to be diabolical is immaterial. In Engelberg today, they are having a blizzard, so we are lucky in comparison!

I started thinking about my 52nd year, and it was certainly eventful for my family, and my friends. Last June I broke my foot while redecorating the house, which meant a lot of changed plans for the summer. Then there were the floods in Engelberg, and all the trauma associated with that. It was great to have Diana home for most of the summer, and then she left for New Zealand in October. Andrew and Ann bought their house and all the rushing about moving them in. Mum turned 80 in November, and there were parties here and in Switzerland. I spent a week there to fetch Mum after her birthday. Peter resigned from his job at the Kloster at the New Year, and that was enormously stressful for everyone, but he was in an untenable situation there after so many years as head chef. The Boden became reality, and all the work involved in that and its successful launch in February. I should have been there to help. Geoff collapsed at work and had his heart op. Major stress all round. Mum developed medical problems. That was February. Hanna died in Switzerland. I developed trigeminal neuralgia. Cut down on the stress the doctor said. Spring Harvest came and went. Andrew and Ann took Mum to Switzerland, and I paid a surprise visit for a week to unwind at the end of April. David finishes his AS levels next week.

So many of us have had a traumatic year so far, and there is so much I have wanted to do to help and not been able to in so many cases. There are not enough hours in the day or days in the week, and wanting to make things better for everyone is something I battle to cope with. It is not all about me, after all. I just like being there when I am needed, and when circumstances or finances or ill health mean I can't it is immensely frustrating. I don't do "sick" or weak and feeble. There are so many great bits too. The babes are a constant delight. My friends are another. And my kids are wonderful. Of course. I am still optimistic, and the dreams are still intact. The sun is actually shining at the moment, and that is good. The prospect of Switzerland in the summer to try to help sort out the ravaged garden after the floods, and Marge's 50th and then a trip to see Diana are lovely. The year is speeding past and apart from needing a major lotto win, there is lots to be thankful for. It's all about the people in your life. Somebody........ well Andrew Gunn, actually, asked what I want to be remembered for, in a philosphical moment. My answer was to have made a difference. Yes. I want to have made a difference.

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