Sunday, July 02, 2006

35 Degrees

  1. A cool breeze
  2. Fridges
  3. A shady tree
  4. Answered prayer
  5. A voice at the other end of the phone

Today I took Diana's shoes to Basil, who is heading back to Wellington. It was so nice to meet someone who knew her in her New Zealand life, and to hear him say such lovely things about her was a delight. I am biased, I admit, but it is great to hear! We sat in the garden with Meg and had a cool drink and chatted for a while.

Andrew and Ann have been and gone. Apart from seeing Geoff, they watched the football and went for a walk this morning as well. We had a BBQ last night.

Today was stiflingly hot. If you sat in the sun for a while, the heat dried the sweat as it poured. If you went inside you dripped. Yes, I know it sounds particularly fetching, but believe me, it was unbearable. I considered putting my head in the freezer.

There was a shared lunch at Jean's today and the kids were the only ones with the energy to move. Everything seems to slow down. It is too much effort to move, and even thought slows to what is almost a halt. You think about emptying the dish washer. Repeatedly for an hour or 2, but doing it is too much effort. I do not envy the tennis players at Wimbeldon tomorrow. Or for the rest of the week. Let me just check.... Yes, the 5 day forecast is all over 30. Thank heavens exams are over for David. Jeans garden is perfect for parties...... lots of flat grass to run around on for the kids, and places to sit in the shade for the older ones. What a happy place her cottage is for all of us.

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