Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Beds, Friends and all the rest

  1. A bed in the John Radcliffe
  2. Strangers' blogs which say what I need to hear
  3. The success of my young friends
  4. Skype
  5. Cheese on toast
Bone weary. That is what I am. But Geoff is now at the John Radcliffe in the hands of cardiac specialists. What a relief. I spent most of the day at the hospital here just waiting for a bed to be found for him. I didn't care where it was, just as long as they had the appropriate experts on hand. Now the operation is the next hurdle.
My friends are great. Val popped in today for coffee and brought me some home made jam because she knew I didn't know how to make it. Jackie popped in for coffee this evening with a bar of chocolate to share. Just what I needed. My mobile phone beeps all day with messages from family and friends, and the phone here rings all the time too. I am so lucky.
Tomorrow is the start of graduation season here. Matt graduates tomorrow, followed by Dan on the 11th, Jenny on the 12th, and Christopher on the 13th. Cause for much joy and celebration. Katherine is off to Washington in the new year too for 3 months as part of her PhD.
Roger is in the semi-finals at Wimbeldon, and the garden is attempting to recover from the storm yesterday which caused a power cut in the village. The rain was so heavy that it caused a flood at Nick and Helen's home. Just the sheer volume of the water. It also stripped all the flowers in the garden and flattened bushes, and broke branches on trees. The hail was so heavy I thought the skylights would break. Andrew passed the exam he wrote today, and France beat Portugal. That is the news from middle England for today.

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