Sunday, July 23, 2006

Middle of the night

It is 2.43 in the morning. I am wide awake after 3 hours of sleep. It is also Sunday, and that is the one day I can stay in bed a little longer in the morning. This is ridiculous. I came to see if there were any new posts to read. I have books piled next to the bed, but they don't appeal. Sigh. I am talking to myself.

Yesterday started off unbearably hot again, then we had a thunderstorm which wiped out the garden again. I looked at the 5 day forecast and the coolest temp is 28 and the hottest is 37 next Thursday. The heatwave continues then.

Cheryl, Robin and Callum popped in to see us on their way back north, and that was great. I must go to Scotland again soon. Jean also came for coffee later, and she IS off to Scotland on Monday. Tomorrow. Bekah has lost her first tooth, and they are off to see grandparents today. This is the time everyone scatters. Holidays are here. Liz and Jon are in Ireland. Annette and Andrew are in Canada. Louise and Peter are in Scotland. Nick and Helen are in Greece. Cathy and Tony are in France.

Right. I am either going to sleep now, or I will get dressed and go for a walk. Or start clearing cupboards. Or bake a cake. Or re-arrange the furniture.

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