Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Flying dogs and other things

  1. Family
  2. Friends
  3. Help
  4. Advice
  5. Love

What an unreal week this is. Have you ever felt like you were a stranger in a foreign land that you do not want to be in, not able to read the signs, speak the language, and with no road map?? That is what it feels like.

But.... the house is full of cards and flowers. The phone rings all the time. Friends pop in and have been wonderfully supportive. Diana is home, and she and Katherine have been enjoying having the luxury of time to catch up, and there has been laughter, as well as tears. Seeing the babes again was great fun. Plans for Tuesday are coming together, and I am learning rather fast that accepting help and asking for advice is the only way to do things. We will muddle through. It is unbelievable how in the space of a few hours, everything in your life can change.

Today Morgan, K's dog (not the calmest dog in the universe) decided to leap out of a first floor bedroom window into the garden, and the first Katherine knew about it was when someone rang the doorbell and announced she had just jumped. She was running about in the garden, and after a visit to the vet, was pronounced healthy. No broken bones or internal damage. She is, however, a little stiff. Flying dogs. Give me strength. After watching her head-butt my display cabinet and do a twirl on my coffee table yesterday, nothing surprises me any more.

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