Monday, July 31, 2006


Please look at these superb beans. Unfortunately, I put them on to cook, answered the phone and they died. As in black coal. They and the pot went into the bin, and I was distraught. But at least I took a photo of them! My beans. My OWN beans. Grown here at home in a pot. Oh the sense of accomplishment. Sigh. I think I am losing it. Beans.......

The house is changed around, and I took a car load of things to the tip today with David, and bags to the charity shop as well. I am just so sick of "stuff". Why on earth do we hoard so much? I found things in cupboards that I got as wedding presents over 30 years ago and have never touched. Everything plastic went. One shelf seemed to be a graveyard for old electrical things. They are gone too. Only 15 kitchen cupboards left to sift through now. Is it really necessary to have 7 measuring jugs, I wonder?

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