Sunday, July 23, 2006

Picnics and concerts

  1. Friends who can certify things
  2. Picnic at Althorp
  3. Nectarines
  4. Music you can sing along to
  5. Sons who can get birds out of the kitchen

Today was different. After a cloudy start, this evening was stunning, and hot. Pete, Glynis, Mr X (as he insists on being called to retain street cred) and I went to a Westlife concert in the grounds of Althorp. Yes. Westlife. I have to say they were very good, and polished and it was a great evening. Most of the time was spent having a picnic in the sun in lovely surroundings. We listened to Roxanne (never heard of her and not all that keen to hear her again) for 20 mins, then canned music for an hour before Westlife arived on stage. It is the whole package with the picnic that works though. Lots of laughter and fun. Meanwhile David was telling all who phoned that his mother was at a Westlife concert, with much amusement. I did ask if he wanted to go instead of me, and his response was "you have to be kidding". Oh well. I offered. And I had fun.

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