Friday, July 21, 2006


  1. Nice people on help desks
  2. Mint cornetto
  3. Unexpected phone calls from distant friends
  4. Encouragement
  5. Weekends

I hate paperwork. Especially when it involves making calls to Singapore. Lots of phone calls. I have spent the last 2 days wading through paperwork with singular lack of enthusiasm. Some people I have had to speak to have been absolutely lovely, and extremely helpful. Others are beyond belief, like the woman at our satellite provider who insisted that unless I could provide a password, she could not help me. Password I screeched? What password????? She needed to deal with "the person named on the account". He's dead I yelled in an undignified fashion. That is why I am calling. Password please???? I wanted to crawl down the phone line and do some serious head bashing.

Then I was told that doctors sometimes take 7-10 months to return paperwork to the Coroner. More screeching of disbelief. Sigh. Do not assume I always screech. Just sometimes. The paperwork has to be done. I just don't want to be doing it.

It is hot and humid and I am wiped out. Margaret popped in for coffee and provided some much needed light relief, and I dropped in briefly at Bekah's 5th birthday party. Lots of little girls dressed in party dresses. Musical bumps. Pass the parcel. I felt old again. They were so sweet! And I had a call from my friend Gill in Zimbabwe, who offered to come over and stay for a while if I needed her to. I am so lucky to have so many friends there for me.

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