Thursday, July 20, 2006

Crawling out of the tunnel

  1. Sisters
  2. Airconditioned cars
  3. Groaning tables full of food that magically appears
  4. Peter
  5. Louise

It is 7.15 am and I have been up since 4. I have just dropped Marge at Luton to fly back home to Switzerland. Saying goodbye seemed to mark the end of a phase in a way. I am so glad she came. Diana goes down to London today for the weekend. I had the radio on in the car on the way back, and realised that I have no idea what is going on in the world at all. This is a first for me. I don't think I have heard any news, or read a paper for the past 2 weeks. Time seems to have stopped. The numbness is more all-encompassing than I realised.

Yesterday the temperature reached 37 degrees, and the humidity level was appallingly high. Moving at all meant dripping. It was scorching on Tuesday as well.

Diana, Lilian, Ann, David, me, Andrew

The service was lovely...... informal and personal, and we were stunned by the number of people who came. It was just wonderful to see so many friends, and so many from Geoff's work as well. And getting to know his sister was great too. I cannot find the words to express our thanks for all the love and support and care we have been showered with. Term ends today, and the summer is officially here, and so we have to move on into a new phase. And I must not forget those beans.....

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