Monday, March 24, 2008

Hands, quilts and back to work

Aiyaiyai - or however you spell that. I have been quilting for 5 hours, and I stopped and had a look at my hands. My right thumb is now twice the size of my left one. A small matter of the old osteo-arthritis which I have had for ages suddenly flaring up. I got it in the first place from a combination of all the hand quilting I have done over the years, and being naturally double jointed, and it is not a pretty sight. The trouble is that I have a ridiculously high pain threshold, and so I carry on sewing through what should be first pain then heat, only I just get the heat. The pain comes when I stop. Like now. Snarl. I have 3 quilts and 7 cushion covers to quilt. That is A LOT. And I LIKE quilting by hand. Not that I would not drool over a Bernina machine with the stitch regulator for quilting, of course. One can but dream.

I have just spent 10 USELESS minutes trying to take a photo of my hands. Without using said hands. It is impossible. You might guess by now that I am A LITTLE IRRITATED. I am raising my voice. Just a bit.


This is all because the weekend is almost over, and I have to go back to work tomorrow. The mood is back in the doldrums, because I really just want to stay home and make things. We do, however need to eat. And be warm. And have the internet. And a phone. Oh, and water and stuff is always handy too. So I will be back at work.

But on to more pleasant things.
Yesterday our church service was just amazing. Wonderful. What a celebration! Thankfully, the snow had melted enough to make the travel across the valley relatively easy. And then we went to lunch with friends, which was also lovely. We ate so much I could hardly waddle. Lots of laughter and fun. And then on to a birthday tea, and when we were offered cake, there was a chorus of groans from everyone there. It seems we had all over-indulged at lunch. I rounded off the evening by chatting to friends on the phone while lying prostrate on my bed, to avoid my waistband garrotting my stomach. The diet started today. After I had visited a friend and eaten 3 digestive biscuits with my coffee this morning.

I am doomed.


His Singer said...

Ah Linds! Why diet now? Christmas is only how many days away? :-)

So sorry to hear of the arthritis, though...I know how that can hurt! Once I even resorted to sticking my thumb into a glass of iced tea at work because it was the only thing that made it feel better.

I've been known to do wild and crazy things.

Hope you feel better soon.

Needled Mom said...

Ouch. I do hope that the pain was worth the satisfaction of seeing some progress AND enjoyment that you got out of doing it.

Hand quilting is such a great art and much prettier than the machine quilting (even with the self regulator). I can't wait to see pictures of the completed projects.

Think we are all loosening the belt buckles today. :(

Crystal said...

I'm glad you found some time to do something you love so much. Too bad about the hand - I hope you recover quickly. I too am excited to see these projects you are creating. They sound so special.

I just feel so lucky this year,
not having to face work but reality is starting to hit again. The dilemna about next year needs to be decided in the coming month. I just want to stay home, create and be a grandmother. That's not too much to ask, is it?!!

meggie said...

We waddled a bit after our Easter Lunch out on Saturday!
A pity you couldnt just sew to your heart's content, sigh...
We are having a thunderstorm at present, & it is sooo humid & warm!!

Barbara said...

Glad you got to do some quilting Linds in spite of the sore thumbs. I will be looking forward to seeing the end result eventually.
Yes our snow would be laughable to some but it was snow.
Blessings to you.

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said... are NOT doomed. You really must learn to think about things in a different way. ROFL!

I know what you mean about the hands...mine swell, too, with any activity that aggravates them...embroidery, chopping ice, typing...oh THAT one. Perhaps I am doomed, too!

Jo said...

So glad that your Easter proved to be enjoyable for you. So what if you over did it at lunch...Easter only comes once a year...right?

Midlife Mom said...

After spending a week in Florida visiting my parents where the most popular recreation is eating out even my elastic waistband stuff is too tight! Then Easter. Talk about being doomed!

Sorry you have the pain in your hands. I worked on a quilt too long last night but it hits me in the lower back from bending over my table cutting out applique pieces. Groan. Oh well it will be worth it when it's finished.

Yes we have the ice cream truck too. I hear the song it plays coming around the corner and I plug my ears! lol!

Dawn said...

You just make me chuckle, Linds. I love it! I can just picture you lying on the bed so as not to be pinched by your wasteline! Too funny. I would love to talk to you by phone - I can just hear you talking!

But I feel really bad about your painful thumb. Unlike you, I have a very low tolerance to pain, so would have quit long ago. Actually, it's why I don't sew or knit or crochet or cross stitch any more - that and my eyesight.