Monday, March 17, 2008

I could be losing the plot here......

I am sitting here wondering.

If someone says "I am coming over on Monday evening", yesterday, does that mean today or next week? I am now assuming it meant next Monday, seeing as it is now 8.50pm. I thought it meant tonight, until now. I have no idea what I might be doing next Monday evening. Next week is a long way away. I may well be out. Leading a wild and exciting life. You never know....stranger things have happened.


That is what you get with text messages instead of the old fashioned why not just be daring and actually phone. And speak with real voices. As in human contact. Hmph. I may be out jogging next Monday night. Yes. That sounds like a splendid idea. I can eat Easter eggs if I am planning to jog.

Ah well....... I can read my book tonight and flop about and not worry if I make a mess in the lounge after all. I may even switch on the TV. The trouble with working where I do, is that I crawl home so tired, that the prospect of sewing is just beyond me. I get up in the morning and think...oooh I can finish piecing the quilt tonight. But no. The spirit is very willing, but oh, the body just needs to rest. Work really does sap every ounce of creativity from me, and that is the worst bit. I want to be creative. I need to make things. I am just too weary.

But the Easter weekend is on the horizon. A four day weekend is just wonderful. And after that there are just 9 working days till the school holidays. Bliss. I can't wait.


Barbara said...

Congratulations on your jogging plan. Your group of friends sounds precious.
I will look forward to seeing the finished memory quilts. What a nice idea.

Isabelle said...

The quilts - how lovely.

The very best thing about being a teacher is the holidays. (She said ungrammatically.) Yes, they're nice and long, but mainly they're so joyful because work is so exhausting. No less exhausting job could produce the same exhilarating effect by stopping for a while.

Linda said...

I'm feeling very guilty now because I get to stay home all day and my quilt has been languishing for a year now waiting for me to finish quilting it. I know how you must be longing for time to do the things you love Linds. I'm glad the holiday will soon be here.
I will get busy on that quilt very soon - because I really love to have something creative to work on too (when I'm not in one of these sit on the couch and read moods).
Have a blessed week Linds.

His Singer said...

So, you are obviously planning for your foot to be MUCH better so that you can jog off all the Easter eggs, right? And if it just so happens that your foot still aches a bit, I hereby give you permission to lay off the jogging for a week or so until it gets better.

Or however long it takes. :-)

Crystal said...

Oh, LInds - I feel like it's been a lifetime since I've touched bases with you and so much has happened. My heart breaks for your young friend's family and how hard it must have been to be involved in the searching. And the storm - well, let's just say that one doesn't get much news when traveling on a tour in Spanish or Portuguese speaking countries.

I do love your decorating! I know that the Christmas curtains are still up at my house and I must change the look of things when we get home late on Wednesday, just in time for the first day of spring.

I promise to be more faithful in visiting you, especially now that we have a lovely new laptop :)) ((( HUGS )))

Janine said...

Hi. The holidays start here on Thursday (3 whole weeks). Shan is exhausted by the end of each term so I have a vague idea what it's like for you. Hope that you have a relaxing Easter. X

Judith said...

I am so glad you're getting a break from school. Burn out sneaks up so quietly. And I hope you're checking that foot now and then, just in case there's a fracture.
As busy as you are, you could have missed it.

Happy Easter, and many many blessings.

Angie said...

Hi Linds......haven't commented in awhile but read all the time.

We are still hoping for a few days in England in August on our way back to Africa.

Enjoy your long weekend!

Needled Mom said...

I always find that just being in my sewing room gives me a renewed vitality to life. I hope that you will find some time for quilting while on your school break. I am sure that it cannot come soon enough.

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Jogging? Really? Isn't a good walk just the thing?

Sorry about the's a bother...I'd have called and asked when s/he didn't show and really stuck my foot in it.

Time is flying by, which in your case, with the career you have, is a terribly good thing. I always want you to get more enjoyment from your work. Are you still thinking of whatever else it was that you were considering?

meggie said...

I don't know how to text. I have a sometimes charged up mobile phone. I will answer it, if it rings. Or I might use it to call, if I am caught in need of a phone.
I really resent people who say they will call on so & so day, & then don't. It is rude. I never forget a 'date'. If I can't make it, I phone & apologise. I guess I am really old fashioned!!!

Susie said...

I don't think I'd jog even if I ate several Easter eggs!! A brisk walk daily is about our speed!!
Glad you have your vacation to look forward to..

Barb said...

I never got anything done on week nights when I worked, Linds. Like you, I was too tired, so weekends were my when I could get creative.

I'm sewing so much right now, trying to get my little shop opened, I'm not getting anything else at all done. My house is a complete mess. I've never ever put off spring cleaning this long, but of course, if I don't get the shop going, I might not have a house to clean at all! :-)

Enjoy your long weekend. Be nice to yourself.

Bev said...

Don't you find you make all these grandiose plans in the morning, then by night the only plan youre really up to is a bowl of cereal for dinner and head to bed! I often think I'll head down to the sewing room at night but it rarely happens. Sounds like I'm in good company.