Sunday, March 23, 2008

Snowy Easter Morning

Look! We have snow! Now, while I do really understand that this paltry amount may be laughable to some of is SNOW!!! I am reliably informed that the babes were out playing in the white stuff at 8am. I opened the window to take a photo.

Today is my daughter-in-law's birthday. And Simon's. And Martyn's. And this reminds me of a year when David's birthday fell on Easter Sunday. We were in Switzerland, and the poor little thing (I think he was about 4) had no idea what to do in the snow, hunt Easter eggs or open birthday presents. He whizzed around trying to do it all at once, and had us in stitches. So much excitement and happiness all at the one moment.

The same child, might I add, is asleep in bed. I have hidden the Easter eggs. It doesn't matter how old they are, we still hunt Easter eggs on Easter Sunday. Picture fingers drumming the desk as I write...... I want him to wake up and hunt! Not to mention play in the snow.

Sigh. The child is 18. I might be pushing things just a little here..... Why do they all have to grow up??

Happy Easter to you all! And Happy Birthday to 3 special people!


K said...

Given that the Christmas Elf still visited my brother and sister last Advent even though they're into their twenties... no, I don't think you're pushing it. We wouldn't want the Easter Bunny to feel redundant, would we?

Happy Easter.

Kelli said...

Happy Easter, Linds. What a beautiful morning you have. Don't tell me you hid the eggs out in the snow? If so, I hope they were colored first ... LOL

Needled Mom said...

One can never be too old for the fun stuff like that!!

The picture of your rare snow is beautiful. What and Easter surprise for all of you.

Happy birthday to all.

Dawn said...

We had a snowy Easter as well - but what a surprise for you! Is it gone yet?

I hope you had a blessed Easter. He is risen indeed!

Crystal said...

It's cold here but at least we have no fresh snow. I hope the egg hunting was fun. And may you ever rejoice that He lives and your life is changed forever!

meggie said...

Happy Birthday to your Son!!
I hope you have had a delightful Easter.

Midlife Mom said...

I'll send you some of our snow any time you want! We still have tons with more on the way on Wednesday. Now, I am a die hard snow lover but even I am getting weary of it and itching for some spring weather to do some planting. Those hot cross buns sound soooooooooo good! Hey I know, I'll trade you some snow for some HCB! lol!

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Oh my! Such a lot of birthdays on one day. It must break the bank!

Glad that you enjoyed the snow, also glad that it melted quickly as you told me at my blog. It's time for spring!

Heather said...

I know this is a month late but I just wanted to say thanks for supporting us in Uganda. It was great to know we had friends out there praying and there for us. I just wanted to say thanks. H