Saturday, March 29, 2008

I am not invincible after all...

You do not want to know about Wednesday. I aged 50 years in 10 seconds. The same 10 seconds when pain ripped through my chest while I was sitting there minding my own business at work, getting my laptop files in order for the day. I am a woman, and I have a very good imagination. And believe me, I used every scap of that imagination. In spades. With optional extras. So I wrote a post about it, and then didn't post it. Why?? Because it a) might have alarmed my children and b) it let a little too much of me out of the box. Self-editing is not easy. But sometimes it is necessary.

And for a woman who seldom cries..........just know that I have redressed the balance. So it is little wonder that, for the past 2 days, I have done a great deal of sleeping and very little else. Pain is exhausting. And emotional weariness numbs the soul. And the body.

But I am indeed alive, thankyouverymuch, and pain will do nicely too, given the alternatives I had considered. I have torn or inflamed part of the muscle attached to my breast bone. I am just highly irritated that I can't do any sewing, or the mountain of things I would choose to do if not working. Because resting is the only thing which will mend me. And I want it fixed. Now. I am an evil patient. And even the book I am reading (which will never close again after being immersed in a full tub of bath water,) is too heavy to hold up, and I cannot read sitting at a table.

I ventured out to buy some milk yesterday, and thought...oh I will pick up some of the things I need for the weekend. No. I couldn't carry them with one hand. That didn't go very smoothly. So I came home and fell asleep on the sofa again. For the third time in one day.

So the sum total of my achievements for yesterday were:
  1. Rested
  2. Bought milk
  3. Snoozed
  4. Read blogs
  5. Played on the internet
  6. Slept
  7. And slept some more

I lead such an exciting life. Today has the promise of THE SHOP!! With my son. To carry the bits. He is justifiably thrilled at the prospect. Especially towing a mother along behind him, who is clutching her chest like some vapid Victorian heroine in a melodrama.


Pam said...

Picturing you as a "vapid Victorian heroine" made me smile.

Praying for you today to follow doctor's orders and feel absolutely no guilt for doing so. Rest is biblical. Rest is the first part of "restorative". You need it and God is for it.

May the Lord come and sit with you in your rest today and comfort your weary body and soul.

Thank you so much for your prayers for us as well.

Janine said...

Oh Linds, that sounds horrid. Can't see you as the vapid Victorian heroine either though! Anything to do with the chest area is always unpleasant so just rest and keep telling yourself that it's what's good for you. X

His Singer said...

Sweetie, wasn't the doctor able to give you anything like a big Ace Bandage to wrap around your chest for more support as it heals? I would think that might help, and I hate to see you in such pain! Are you able to take any pain meds?

In the meantime, take advantage of that strapping son you have at home. He needs to take care of the ol' Mum instead of it being the other way round...SO LET HIM.

Don't MAKE me fly over there just to whip your behind, young lady! :-)

Morning Glory said...

I'm so sorry you're in such pain! Please keep getting rest and do what the doctor says. I'm sure your son will take good care of you.

Needled Mom said...

That sounds dreadful, Linds, as well as scary. Take care and try to enjoy that rest. It is so difficult with all that you want to do, but very necessary to heal to be able to do all those wonderful projects.

Linda said...

I'm just going to echo everyone else and say rest, rest, rest Linds. I'm so sorry you have had this happen just now.

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Good heavens! Have you been to the doctor? This sounds a lot like pleurisy. "What Is Pleurisy?
Pleurisy, also called pleuritis, is an inflammation of the pleura, which is the moist, double-layered membrane that surrounds the lungs and lines the rib cage. The condition can make breathing extremely painful. Sometimes it is associated with another condition called pleural effusion, where excess fluid fills the area between the membrane's layers."

If this continues, get thee to the MD pronto.

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Pardon me, Linds. I've been known to consume vast quantities of drama pills. And, while I am not a medical professional, I do love a good opportunity to play nurse. I am sooooo glad that you've been to see the doc. (Please go for second opinion if this doesn't subside in day or two or gets any worse. See? There! I'm doing it again!!)

Dawn said...

Wow. There are so many crises going on in blogland this week! I hope by this evening (well, actually it's middle of the night for you) that things have improved. That must be incredibly scary - fear of heart attach, I am certain.

Do take it easy. Please. Don't try to be a heroine!

Crystal said...

Goodness sake, my friend - sleep is a wonderful thing - listen to your medical advisors - heal quickly, my dear! And remind your son that you have taken care of him for many years!

Barbara said...

Sorry you are in pain Linds, how did you do this, repetitive stain from all the quilting??? No I am not trying to have a competition with Vee!!