Saturday, March 15, 2008

Saturday morning

The house is quiet, and it is grey outside. Today would have been Geoff's birthday. In fact, my phone just beeped to tell me that. I did not need reminding. Some things you do not forget.

Yesterday was real. Over 400 people went to the funeral, and as you drive across the bridge to the town, the first thing you see is the bank of flowers. Bouquets tied to the railings near to where Jono died. So close to the place we searched. I had no idea where the church was other than that it was on a hill, and so I whizzed through the town until I saw a steeple. I was late, and had forgotten the map at home, but thankfully, remembered the way across country. It took about 2 hours to reach Downham Market from school, and so help me, there are speed cameras all the way there. And tractors. I parked miles away and ran. I had to stand in the doorway, as there was no space left in the church, but I could hear everything. It was a beautiful service - a tribute to such a young life. And then we walked to the cemetary for the burial. I don't recall ever being to a burial before, and the finality of it all really struck home.

David and I were home by 6.30 and he went to his youth group last night, while I sort of melted into the couch. Too tired to cook or to eat.

I watched my son, my "baby", shake Jono's Dad's hand and tell him that "there is no question that I would be anywhere other than here" when Nick thanked him for coming, and I saw the man he has become. And my heart nearly burst.

A difficult day for me. But how much more difficult for Jono's parents.


Anonymous said...

Hi Linds

Just read you piece about Jono's funeral. Well written and helpful

We are from Downham qand know the family well but were unable to be there fro Friday. Your account was helpful.

My blog is

Alan & Beverly Molineaux

Susan said...

No words for these days. Just pain and walking through them.

Vee said...

Hope that you find a way to honor the memory of this day even as you recover from yesterday. Your son sounds like the salt of the earth, Linds. The very salt of the earth.

Sending gentle hugs...

Janine said...

When your son says something like that then you know that you have raised him right. Funerals for the young are always so much harder. Be gentle with yourself and take care. X

Dawn said...

I am sorry you had to run from a long parking distance, but thankful that perhaps that means your foot is better?! I agree with you that the graveside part is the most final feeling. I am sorry that today had to be yet another reminder of that finality, with your phone reminding you of something you are not likely to forget.

Please take care of yourself this week-end.

Linda said...

In the midst of a very difficult day, I think I see a touch of God's gentle grace in your precious son. How kind and loving of him - and how gracious of the Father to give your heart something special to hold on to in the midst of such sorrow.
Have a restful weekend Linds.

Needled Mom said...

You were in my thoughts as I went about my daily chores yesterday. My prayers will be with you today as you recall wonderful birthdays celebrated with Geoff.

meggie said...

I find funerals are always dreadful, no matter how much they may be dressed up as 'celebrations' of the person's life.
Burials I find more difficult. But the funeral of a young person is just wrong no matter what the form.