Sunday, August 15, 2010

Out in the forest.....................

Hello from a sodden alp. Yes, you may picture me perched on the top of an alp dripping wet. You would be spot on. Jean, David and I took advantage of a very brief break in the rain, and drove up the valley to the place where we discovered that little waterfall. It was raining on the way there, but within a few minutes, it had stopped, and, laden with our cheese sandwiches and camera and huge plastic bags (to sit on), we ventured out into the forest.

Our little waterfall of last week was a torrent today. A very large waterfall. Some of the paths through the undegrowth were little streams today, but, oh, it was so beautiful. Food for the soul in the very best of ways. The green was so green. The mushrooms/toadstools under the trees were many and varied. The river thundered through the forest, the mountain sides were covered with new waterfalls. The slugs were revoltingly huge and plentiful. I hate slugs.

I was so glad we went. I noticed how much all three of us smiled, How much we laughed. And when the rain came, none of us minded at all. We just put on the waterproof jackets. Jean had hers over her rucksack, so looked like the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Make that the Hunchback of the Alps. But she kept grinning. So did we all. I loved it. We all loved being out there. And who cares about rain and getting wet....... we are not of the melting variety.

Mary , in the comments for the last post I wrote, mentioned the jigsaw puzzle and the link to the little bits and pieces of life I was talking about then, and that has stayed with me. I keep thinking of how apt it is , and howI need to think and talk about it a little more. However, I need a snooze first. I am very tired, and can't think why. Could be because I only fell asleep at 2.30am. Or it could be the computer on my lap keeping me warm which is sending me off to the land of Nod. Hmmm.

I will be back to continue this in a little while.



Linda said...

I could just picture the three of you there in those beautiful surroundings Linds. It sounds idyllic. I'm so glad you have such a lovely place, filled with such beauty and with family, to refresh your spirit.

Dawn said...

Sounds like quite an adventure - I am glad your leg is allowing you to do it!

And yes, laptops are good for keeping you warm - uncomfortably in the summertime, but great in the winter!