Sunday, August 08, 2010

A Sunday in the Alps.....

Ok, tomorrow I will find the cables and download the photos. Enough of just words. The pictures tell a better story. And Vee, I will take photos of the food too. Stunning. Delicious. And it is all about the presentation too. Amazing how simple things make such a difference. And apparently my life is incomplete without proper knives. Chef type ones. Right. They can go on the list.

The weather today has been unreal. Pouring rain. Sun. Drizzle. Sun. Rain. RAIN. Sun. Cloudy and humid. A perfect example of the word "changeable". I watched my immensely strong son take 90(I can't find the percent key) percent of the weight of an enormous old tv set which weighed a ton as he and Marge manhandled it down 3 flights of stairs. It had expired. His strength always astonishes me. He can lift anything with ease. Not like his aged mother.

There I was behind him, waiting to catch him if he fell. Yeah, right. I would have been squished. But I am a Mum and that is what Mums do. Get in the way. Flapping. Irritating their sons. I am an expert. He and Marge survived. So did I.

Then he started another 1000 piece puzzle on the dining room table. They are addictive, you know. Especially when it is raining outside. He and Jean and Mum all work together and they are done in a day or 2. This is the 4th one they have done so far. This reminds me of the growing up years. We always got a new 1000 piece puzzle at Christmas, and it was set up on the dining room table, and anyone passing stopped to do a piece or 2.

We also used to get a new game for the family to play every Christmas. And my friends all did the same too, and we made sure we all got different ones, and then played them together as families. Games are such great things for families to do together. Except Risk. That nearly caused WW3 in my house every time it came out. So I banned it. And I HATE Monopoly. The rest of the family love it. I loathe the game.

Playing Trivial Pursuit with Geoff was dreadful. The man had an encyclopaedic knowledge of trivia. He always knew the answers to every question. It drove me crackers. You had to be on the same team to win. When he was at sea, they always had quizz nights, and his reputation preceded him. He was always appointed question master and not allowed to play. He should have applied to play Who Wants to be a Millionaire. Now why didn't I think of that a few years ago........

I am rambling. You may have noticed. Everyone has gone to bed. And I still can't make the spellcheck thingy work in English. So excuse the errors. I am on holiday and the brain has turned to mush it seems.

Midnight looms, my friends, and I must do a Cinderella. Enjoy the rest of your day wherever you are.


Dawn said...

DC is a trivia expert as well. He knows something about so many subjects.

How much longer do you get to stay in paradise?

Needled Mom said...

Oh my gosh....I can sooo relate. I HATE Monopoly and DH is so good at Trivial Persuit (except the science category) that I cannot stand playing with him. I love the jigsaw puzzles and a wicked game of Clue!!!

I am glad that you have one big strong guy to help out there. What a blessing he is!

Olson Family said...

Hi - catching up again! and so thankful to see you had an answer to big prayer (bureacracy item). It is great to rejoice in the small answers but when the big answers come - what a joy! Hope you are enjoying a beautiful day in Engelberg as we certainly are in Zurich. Just got back from 10 days in the Baltic area and as the last few were a bit dreary, happy to be in sunshine at home. My best to you and yours there - if I find myself wandering that way with the girls before school starts next week - I'll drop an email. Then I'm off to take care of wee babies! Best to you and Thank God for His answers in all forms! S

Barb said...

Jigsaw puzzles are an addiction at my house too. When I have one out on the table, absolutely nothing else gets done around here.

And I hate Monopoly. Absolutely can't stand it but I have the electronic version on hand for the rest of the family - they love it.

I refuse to play Trivia Pursuit with Rob. He cannot be beaten. The useless information that fills his head just leaves me completely bewildered. LOL