Friday, August 06, 2010

A rambling conversation instead.....

I woke up late this morning, and it felt like the weekend. And so help me, I have gone through the entire day thinking that it was Saturday. It is not. Well, in 10 minutes it will be, but that is beside the point. Sigh. I seem to be slightly out of step with reality. Hang on, I need to get some chocolate. I am in Switzerland, after all. It is my duty.

I went downstairs to hang up some washing, and when I got back here, everyone had vanished. Gone to bed. It is like the twilight zone. So here I am, sitting in the recliner, with my feet on another chair and this foreign laptop on my lap, and a fly is irritating me beyond belief. I need a swatter.

Welcome to my world.

The good news is that there was a pink sky tonight, and that means tomorrow the weather will be good. Up here in the mountains, the weather is so changeable, and there was snow to 1800m last night. We are 1000m here in the village, and can see the snow. It is mid summer. I need some sun. At the very least, enough sun to be able to dry out my shoes. They are all wet. David will be mowing the lawn in the morning. Hahhahaha. He doesn't know this yet. The grass has been so wet. If he doesn't get it done soon, we will need a scythe. Or a combine harvester.

I have finished the chocolate. I may need coffee now. This is a convesation, not really a post. Sigh. I have rolled up a paper and so help me, I am going to kill that fly if it is the last thing I do....

So where was I..... the fly is still here and I have been waving the paper around like a lunatic. It is just as well there are no witnesses. Pottering in the garden, dead-heading geraniums (you have no idea how many geraniums there are in Marge's beautiful garden), skyping with Missy, chatting, scraping part of a wall, all little things which go to make up a day. One thing I have not being doing is resting much. Apart from when I am making hats. I have discovered that I find it very difficult to rest in a room of people. Impossible. And I love all these people dearly. So I am slower than ever. Creaking. And I keep forgetting to take the medicine. I am a star.

This computer just made an alarming noise, so I do believe I will switch it off. It whistled at me. Do computers whistle? Are they supposed to? I am not sticking around to find out what it means. I will be back tomorrow. Today. It is SATURDAY!!!


Vee said...

You can just go with that entire stream of consciousness thing for hours and I'd be following right along as if I were reading a book or listening to a dotty sister. Did I just call you dotty? Okay, perhaps I'm the dotty one. Get some rest, Linds. Your family will forgive you and love you for it. Any melatonin in Switzerland?

someone else said...

This was a lovely conversation and I enjoyed it immensely. Let's chat again real soon.