Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A random collection.......

Today, we have photos. In a random fashion, because it just occurred to me that I have missed out a great many illustrations of posts, so you get the lot all together. And because this is Switzerland, we will start with what seems to be a double ended cow. With a bell. A loud bell. I absolutely know why cows go mad. It is the bells they wear all the time. Or they may all be deaf, of course.

Now this is the view from one of my favourite places. I sit on the bench and watch the world in miniature down there. (I drive to the level walk through the forest which leads to the clearing and the bench.) Just in case you think I WALKED up there. I used to do that all the time. Not any more. Groan. Ah yes, and here we have the waterfall. The big waterfall which people go to see. It is frozen in winter and I have posted many photos of frozen waterfalls. This was just after torrential rain, and I couldn't get close, because we were being drenched by the spray. I really did not fancy a sodden camera. (My Dad once destroyed his video camera on the Maid of the Mist, because he didn't think the spray from the Niagara Falls would be as bad as it proved to be. Hah. )

See? Loads of water cascading down.
A week later, we could walk right up to the base of the same falls. And watch the trickle down the rock face. We could not get anywhere near where I stood to take this next photo when the water was so strong.

Piddly little thing. Beautiful in its own right though. And a lot easier to photograph!
On the walk there, I think I mentioned all the piles of rocks. Here are some on the banks of the river.
David and Jean on the way to the waterfall. "Climb every mountain....."

We are going a little further back in time here, and this is on Swiss National Day. Blue skies in the day time, and torrential monsoon-like rain in the evening. It took 4 days in the end for the shoes to dry out.

Marge's balcony and the Swiss flags in all the plant containers, hanging on the balcony rail. I must go across the road and take some photos. Half of Asia poses in the garden next to the geraniums and her house must be in thousands of Asiatic holiday albums! (There are a great many coachloads of tourists from India, China, and Japan up here!)

Next, this is for Vee . My sister found these garden umbrellas for plants at the local garden centre. This is what happens when petunias get wet and stay wet. They disintegrate in a slimy fashion, and look revolting. Agreed?

Stick a plant umbrella in the basket or pot, and just look at the difference. I took both photos on the same day.

Total difference. These are happy petunias. I need to go and buy some umbrellas. I gather there has been rain at home. I will be prepared.
And finally, I paid a visit to my bench in the forest, on the way to the grotto. Jean said "There are loads of benches to choose from here!" I think not. There is just one. MY bench, and strangely enough, no-one is ever sitting on it when I arrive. It is slightly higher up than the others.
Yes. My feet. It is not the most attractive bench and could do with a little tlc, but I love sitting there among the trees. Sigh. I love this place.


Crystal said...

I can see why you love it and go every chance that you get! The mountain pictures are just what I imagine Switzerland to be like - rugged and picturesque with a photo op at every step :) Thanks for showing us around today!

P.S. Do they have those umbrellas in garden size - i.e. 100' X 30'? Just asking cause it's raining here again!!

Vee said...

Okay, I'm going to make my post link here right away. That is fantastic! All of it, but especially the bit about the umbrella!

Vee said...

Okay, that's accomplished. Now I can just say that I enjoy your photos so much. Love seeing the waterfall flowing like mad or trickling happily. (The thought of your dad with a movie camera on Maid of the Mist has me in giggles.) Love seeing your bench among the trees. How cool is that that you've never had to push anyone off it? Ha! I'm cracking myself up here. Okay, Linds, keep having fun and keep taking pictures!

Dawn said...

Wonderful amazing beauty. I'm so glad you are able to get up there without having to walk.

Midlife Mom said...

What gorgeous views!!!!!!! I can see why you love it so much there, I would too. I hope some day to get to Switzerland for a visit.

I agree with you about the cow bells, it would certainly drive me bonkers! ha!

Have never seen the plant umbrellas, what a great idea. My petunias are pathetic this year as I have had to water them with the hose so much they are all stuck together.

The pictures of the waterfall is amazing. Why such a difference in the amount of water?

Enjoy your bench, wish I could be sitting right there with you!!