Saturday, August 28, 2010

Home once more.....

Here we are.....home again. And the jungle (aka the garden) has been tamed a little. I have blisters on my hands because I was yanking stuff out of the flower beds with great vigour, and was in too much of a hurry to restore some order to go and get the gardening gloves. I am a genius. My hands will also possibly never be really clean again either. You know how the soil gets into the cracks/creases/edges of the skin? Yes. Like that. And the nails are history, of course. I just had a look at them. Groan. But have a look at one of my butternuts! I am very impressed.

However, I can now get from one end of the top patio to the other without an axe in hand. And the garden bin is overflowing, as is the compost bin. I can't begin to tell you how tall the cosmos is this year. Over 6 ft. The tomatoes are ripening, and the beans are nearly over, and the leaves on some bushes have a definite autumnal look.

But enough of the garden. Hello. I am back.
The journey home was long. exhausting. We stopped many times, and there were hilarious moments like when David's iPod started plaing Rule Britannia, and we, or rather, I started singing at the top of my voice, and my son nearly lost the ability to breathe, he was laughing so much.

We got to Calais early, and managed to get on the early ferry. Sounds great, but in actual fact the wind was so strong that the early ferry was delayed till almost the late ferry time, and then when we got to Dover, we circled outside for ages. I asked the purser why we were circling. "Non, Madame," she said, "we are docking now." I looked at her over the top of my glasses, and said " I was married to a merchant navy officer for 32 years, and have been on more ships than I can count, and believe me, I know when we are going in circles. Apart from that, the lights of Dover keep disappearing and re-appearing". Hmmmm. We did not dock in a few minutes. It took another half hour.

So we were late getting to Andrew and Ann's place, and toppled into bed. And decided to spend another night there playing with Missy and resting.

So we did. Perfect.

She is gorgeous. I know I am biased, but she really is just the best. And she has finally started relaxing around David, which is wonderful. He is great with her, and we took her to the park and played on the swings and let her run around. Bliss. She is not a baby any longer. She is a little girl, and the pigtails and the changing expressions on her face are just adorable. Ann took us to a local park for lunch, which was lovely and more running around was done, and then the rain started. It did not stop till yesterday.

We got back home on Thursday and since then it has been a major accomplishment to have worked through the list. You know The List. When you get home....sort the mail, pay the bills, washing, washing, hacking the garden, shopping for food, washing, making calls, sending emails, ordering medicines, washing...etc etc etc. Fun stuff. Hmmmm.

So here I am. Waiting for my son to rise from his pit and start his day. Mine is half over, and we need to go somewhere. Sigh. He will be back to uni soon.

Right. I need to get moving. I will be back.


Needled Mom said...

It does sound like a long journey back. I am sure that you did not mind the extra time with Missy. She is at such a perfect age too.

The work that awaits your return never doea itself...does it? We just have to remember the fun we had to make the load lighter.

The garden sounds wonderful and that Butternut squash looks yummy!!! Welcome home.

Crystal said...

Welcome home! An extra night with a granddaughter is pure bliss, isn't it?! I am impressed with your squash! It's just been too wet and cool here for most vine crops to do anything this summer. But I am busy with apples - off to make some freezer apple pie filling now. Take care!

P.S. Coming home is almost as daunting as trying to get away in the first place, isn't it?!?!

Dawn said...

I'm glad you're home safe and sound! So much to do - unpacking is the worst for me.

Gigi said...

Hi Linds! How have we not connected until now? It seems we share a few blogging buddies! Anyway, thank you for stopping by my blog today and for your comment...

I've enjoyed visiting yours for the first time today! What a lovely family you have! And your garden...well, if you're ever in my neck of the woods, mind could certainly use your green thumb!

Isabelle said...

Welcome home, Linds. That granddaughter of yours looks lovely. Not that I'm jealous...much.

Tony Destroni said...

hi Linda good day . nice post you have and cute grand daughter to. i knows where she gets his attitude . anyways beautiful garden you have . you're right welcome home .may i ask if you are interested in garden accessories such as
wind chime well me im in to it . lovely tinkling and makes me relax . i hope to read more of your blogs . thank you again .