Thursday, August 12, 2010

The rain is still falling......

One thing I am learning fast with this borrowed lap top is that plugging the power cable in is advisable. There I was gaily hammering away at the keys, in full flow when it shut itself down. That was last night. I now I am not in the mood to go and finish what I started. My literary muse was interrupted. Sigh. You all knew about laptops and power cables, didn't you. See...... I am a dinosaur.

Summer has temporarily deserted us here. The rain has been falling all day. It is a little disconcerting to go to the shops and see all the autumn decorations out, though. And some people are talking about a chill in the air, which I refuse to contemplate yet.

We all went down the mountain today. Good grief, I sound like Heidi. You know, Switzerland has one of the best standards of living in the world, and believe me, they have the best sales too. When you get something which cost SF30.00 for SF2.00 you know you are getting a bargain. And it is SF1.50 to the British pound.

Marge has some of the cutest little umbrellas for her plants in pots. I think I need some too. They have been a great investment, you know - especially for petunias which seem to dissolve in the rain and become quite revolting. There has been a great deal of rain. You just open the transparent plastic umbrellas and stick them in the pots. Brilliant. Yes. I need some. I will take some photos when the rain stops. If......

Going to a garden centre here is wonderful - so many unusual (to me) things, and so different, and in a lot of cases, so reasonable too. Such a pity I have failed to win the lotto. I have seen so many wonderful things. "Just looking" is beginning to pall. Especially when it comes to gardens. I love my garden. I love my sister's garden too, but it is HUGE. I just love the differences. I stand and look at the seed packets and try to recognise the names in German. It amazes me that things can grow down the mountin, but not up here. And all within about 30 miles. A micro-climate.

We also spent a long time looking at playhouses. Oh wow. The temptation was great. I am quite happy pottering about the shops looking, despite the moans of a minute ago. Really. I spend a lot of time thinking of how I can make things, or use what I have already. Ideas. They are great. The Swiss decorate things, like tables, so beautifully. I really need to take more photos. I found myself taking some of pages in a catalogue last night. Stunning ideas for Christmas.

Now if we could just get the leg to behave for a little while. Today has been foul. Well, the day has been fine. The leg (and I use the word "the" advisedly) has been foul. Just dire. Today, though, I couldn't be bothered to hide it. No energy. However, I survived. And I have been sitting here crocheting hats this evening. I have 2 special ones to get ready to send off soon. When it rains, it is always good to have something to sit and make, I think.

Right. Yet again, it is after midnight. This is becoming a habit. I am off to bed. Enjoy the rest of your Thursdays, wherever you are (or Fridays if you are already there!) and remember that Friday 13th is a lucky day. My daughter was born on one Friday 13th, and ever since then, we greet every Friday 13th with special delight. She was and still is, a delight and a huge blessing. (She was born in Feb.)

Good night, all!


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Vee said...

You're so right...petunias do seem to dissolve into slimy piles when rained upon. I think I need an umbrella here, too. Show me if they really look cute, though. I don't want to be singled out and made fun of. :D

The weather must cause your leg to act up. Does a heating pad help? A cooling pad? A pain pill? Anything? Nothing? Perhaps just keeping your hands busy and your mind going.

Oh, as for laptops, I know nothing. Talk about dinosaur.

Dawn said...

Yes, autumn is fast approaching - I heard the geese going overhead the other day. School starts next Wednesday - hard to believe.

So sorry about the leg! Glad you figured out the cable thing. It is annoying, as I said on FB.

Hope you're sleeping well by now!

Crystal said...

It's raining here again too! We were able to do some work in the field but at 4:30 the heavens opened and the floods came :) We really need sunshine and dry weather for crops and gardens now. I'm going to sew a laundry bag for my friend to use in her holiday camper instead! Take care, especially of that leg.

Laurie in Ca. said...

I have been loving working in my garden/back yard so much. The little umbrellas sound great!! I hope the rain stops soon for you too. That weather is so antagonistic to any wounded parts of us. I agree with it being a lucky day, don't believe in the superstitions people tag on the day. Have a great day Linds. It is Friday morning here:)

Love and Hugs, Laurie