Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Christmassy Saturday.....

Oh, this Saturday is going by so quickly!

We popped down to the church in the village this morning to see the Christmas Tree Festival, and I forgot to take my camera. That was a mistake. Over 75 groups in the village, from schools to societies, to clubs, to businesses have built or decorated Christmas trees, and they are stunning. So many people were down there wandering around them and marvelling at all the creativity. The bellringers' one was superb. A hanging circle, which was decorated, and ropes danging down in a tree shape with soft toys holding the ends. Then the Monday Walkers made a tree out of their walking poles, around a sign pointing to the East, with a star on the end of the point. And the badminton one had little peg people representing all the players, with shuttlecocks etc. Hairdressers's ones had long curls of hair, and slides and barrettes, and hair decorations, and so it goes.


And coffee and warm mince pies??? Oh yes. It is beginning to feel like Christmas! I must see if I can get a friend of mine to email me some of his photos to share with you all. Or maybe I can go back in with camera and take a few. We will see.

So this afternoon, I have been dog-sitting and making the last of my presents. I am very tempted to make more Warm'nCosy sets but I still have some in the pile, so there is little point other than that they make me smile, of course.The baking can wait until tomorrow I think. It is already getting dark, so maybe I will cut a few circles while I can still see and then I will be ready to sew them up if I need them.

Right. I need to do something. Maybe coffee. Enjoy your Saturday!


Vee said...

You mean you have a working camera and forgot? No, no, I am not chiding you...much. =) On second thought, I'm glad that you forgot because it can't be easy for you taking pictures in a crowd.

So, yes, call a friend and beg for photos. You've described the trees so well. In my mind's eye I'm seeing the walkers' clever and meaningful.

boysmum2 said...

We have soemthing like that here in Hamilton, open to the public next week, Can't wait

Dawn said...

I do hope you can get some pictures. We went to Dwight's company dinner at a nice hotel the other night, and tok the two older girls with us. They have at least 8 trees that we saw, all with different color schemes and such lovely ornaments. We each chose our favorite on each tree, which was such fun.

Have a great week! I posted about my last busy week and the one to come!