Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Snow and sun and blue skies.....

Apparently the temperatures in the UK reached 15 C on Christmas Day. And it was a little warmer yesterday. Unbelievable. Great for the heating bills, of course, but rather unseasonal! I am not there right now, though. I am with my family in the Alps again. It was -7 C yesterday. But the sun shone again, as it did on Christmas day, and as it is today, and the skies are blue, the snow dazzling and the village is full of people. 
 Can you see the ski jump? This photo was taken from the garden, and they are preparing for more jumping today I think, judging by the music and the men working on it. It is where the World Cup ski jumping Swiss leg happens the weekend before Christmas. Back then there was no snow, so they had to bring it from the Gottard, but then, the day before the jumping started, there was a blizzard. They had snow. And it fell all day on Chrstmas Eve too. Did I mention snow?? There is a lot. But this is Switzerland, after all, in December, and they are well to make sure the snow is a pleasure, and not a trial. Unlike some places I know.
Christmas happens here on Christmas Eve, not on Christmas Day. Presents are opened after a meal in the evening. But when you have a restaurant to run, things are all a little up in the air. So my brother-in-law cooked wonderful lamb and side dishes and then phoned to say it was time to fetch it all. The timing depended on how busy the restaurant became. All we had to do was set the table. Perfect. And leftovers for Christmas Day. 

We combine traditions, and some presents were opened on Christmas Eve, but the rest on Christmas Morning, as we skyped with Diana and Andrew. And then I went for a walk around the lake, singing Christmas carols, as I said I the last post at the top of my voice. It felt great.until the throat lurgy struck, and I now sound like a bass in the choir, not a soprano. Great. 

See? Sun, snow and blue skies. I walked to the Klostermat yesterday to watch the skiing and sledding, and it was a hive of activity. Cold. But a large cup of Gl├╝hwein has wonderful heating properties! 
 This is the Kloster, the Benedictine monastery. 

 Me on the walk. Ignore the hair please It looks like straw in the cold. 
So there you are. Some photos. I keep thinking of things to write about and then I get distracted by the moment. The day. Now. Perfection.

 I have just been on a walk to watch the ski-jumping. My leki poles and I can go aywhere. Those men are lunatics, I tell you. And they are also waifs. Tiny stick like men. I know this because I walked 
past them, feeling like an amazon. 

The coffee machine is apparently broken. A disaster. I need to go and cast some oil on troubled waters. I will be back. 


Needled Mom said...

I always love seeing the beauty of the Alps in your posts. It simply looks magical! Enjoy your visit and safe travels back home.

Helen in Switzerland said...

It's looking lovely Linds! I love the Kloster in Engelberg -do they still have the lovely cheese shop? Hope you'll be feeling better soon! Love Helenxxx

Linds said...

Yes, it is still there!

Vee said...

Oh it is good to know that you are there once again! Your mother, too, I hope. How lovely your photos are and so I have had to look at the details. The children who ski with their parents. The buildings standing alone upon the hills. The little lanes that go from here to there. The beautiful tree with the lovely red and white ornaments. Everything is so beautiful as are you, Linds. Just lovely. Keep taking lots of pictures and I hope that a new coffee pot was found.

Dawn said...

The pictures there are so amazing - I just MUST get over there someday - it has been on my bucket list long before such a phrase was ever coined. Your sister's village is just so lovely. And I think you look gorgeous in your picture! Sorry about the throat thing, and hope it's better soon.

Brenda said...

I am so glad you wrote this post as my 10 year old is just now studying Switzerland. We home educate and I'm excited to show her your blog. Though I don't really know you I think it will help personalize this study for her.
I also love that last picture. Beautiful!