Thursday, December 08, 2011

Howling gales and a little more.....

There is a wild wind blowing here, but it is NOTHING like the gales hammering Scotland. There have been gusts of 150 miles an hour recorded there today. I spoke to a friend on the western side of Scotland and she said that, for the first time, she is thinking about the structure of the house. It is bad. Power out in places, transport disrupted, bridges closed. Not good.

So our howling winds pale into insignificance.

But I wish you could see the hair. I have just been out for a short trip to the shops and I look as though I have been dragged through a bush backwards, and Mum and I are off to the doctor for her annual health check now. And to think I set her hair yesterday..... I think I am going to insist she ties something over her head to preserve my artistic endeavours. I am getting quite good at hair setting. I do it, because when I made an appointment for her hair to be done at my hairdresser, they had to re-read the instructions on setting hair and curlers, and at 86, my mother does not do blow-dries. She wants her hair done properly. Enter Linds with newly acquired hairdressing skills. What can I say......

Did I mention that I finally pressed the "buy now" button at Amazon???? I have had gift vouchers since the middle of the year and simply could not bring myself to use them. I loved, loved, loved the knowledge that I could buy things if I wanted to, but I just never did buy anything. So , after all these months, I finally did. I got a few gifts, and I did buy myself a wobble cushion. I have been told to get one to practice the balance thing (which may have saved my tree  if I had bought it months ago and used it, now I come to think about it) but I could never decide which to buy. So yesterday I chatted to someone at the gym to find out which was suitable. And I PRESSED THE BUTTON!!!!

Oh, how small things thrill me.

We are back from the surgery. The practice nurse thinks mother is MARvellous. She is. I swear she skipped out of the doors. I was trailing behind with the stick.

Something is not quite right here.

So, the rain falls, the plum crumbles cooks, the dishwasher is loaded the tree lights twinkle, and I have a few more things to wrap after the lightning trip to the shop today. Nearly done. Then there is the ripple. Tonight is sorted.


Needled Mom said...

Your mom and my mom should get together!!! They could then take care of us. ;) Glad all turned out well for her.

I have heard about those gales hitting your area. We had such strong winds last week and STILL have about 7,000 homes without power.

Helen in Switzerland said...

It sounds good to me! ...and by the way I could hear Craig Revell-Horwood saying MARvelous!!!