Thursday, December 01, 2011

I should not have tried to put the star on the top of the tree.....

I came home from a weird session of aquazumba at dawn - the pool was not full enough after it had been worked on for the past 3 days - they still have not solved the problem of the escaping water. So the exercises had to be modified and the buoyancy of the water was nothing like as good as normal, so we were all wiped out afterwards.

Anyway. I came home and decided to decorate the tree now that it is December. And that is what I did all day,. I decorated the tree. The lights were evenly spaced. The chains were looped beautifully. The bows and ornaments were perfect. It looked great.

All I had to do was put the star on the top.

So, instead of :
a) calling David to do it or
b)getting a ladder
c) remembering that balance is an issue for me

I climbed onto the couch and promptly fell off the arm onto the tree, which came crashing down spewing all the perfectly placed things all over the lounge. I was behind and under it, together with my sewing light and all the plugs and heaven knows what.

You have NO idea.

David came barrelling down the stairs and it took a while to get me up again because I fell from the arm of the couch onto the knees.

You do not want to know.

Neither do I.

Yes, I know. Stupid. I have heard that enough today and said it enough. I just cannot believe it happened. And so the tree is now a total mess. Nothing is right, the chains are wonky and so are the lights and the ornaments are all over the place and the bows look like I threw the whole lot at the tree and called it good. Not to mention that the tree leans a little ominously. I solved that by bending branches back to a vague shape they should have had and putting two coasters under one of the legs. I have no idea what happened to half the ornaments for the bottom bit. I will no doubt be finding them for weeks.

Should this matter? Probably not. But I think it is the time invested which was wiped out in a second of total idiocy which gets to me. That and the knee. And the fact that I used to be able to do these things. And other stuff you do not need to know about right now.


The tree will do. It will be just fine.

 I just wish I had taken a photo before I tried to put the star on the top......


Linda said...

Oh Linds, I am so sorry. I'll be praying for that knee.
This sounds so much like me. I am forever taking "short-cuts" because I don't want to take the time to do the thing right - and it always ends up just as you've described. A mess!
I suppose there is a life lesson to be learned here.

Crystal said...

Oh, no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel so badly for you! ((( HUGS )))

P.S. I put the tree up, string the lights, then put the star on and fill in the rest - just a thought :)

Linds said...

Right. Next year. Remind me then, Crystal!

Vee said...

I am reading with my mouth wide open and my eyes, too. I am certainly not a pretty sight. Just imagine how much you scared poor David. Give that boy a hug and tell him that you're sorry and will never do that again. Okay, now that my heart has stopped pounding...I am so glad that you didn't break an arm or anything and I will certainly pray that your punishments will be as mild as possible. Linds, Linds, Linds...*clucking off here...***** Do take care of yourself!

Brenda said...

Oh my! So glad you aren't hurt worse--like no trip to the ER or anything. We all do things that make us want to kick ourselves, don't we. Oh well, try and enjoy the new and improved (?) look with your tree!

Anne said...

Thank goodness you haven't done any long lasting damage! Have a rest and please be careful.

I have done something similar every year since I lived on my own. I put all the Christmas stuff in the loft and I fall off the ladder when I put them up and I fall off the ladder when I get them down!

After suffering from scrapes, bruises etc., last year it came to me, put them in the shed, you idiot!!

So this year I'm just hoping I don't trip up when I go into the shed tomorrow!

Needled Mom said...

The tree will be fine, but how about you???? I certainly will not scold you because I am sure you have heard enough of that (and I could easily be caught doing the same thing!!!).

Dawn said...

I've been feeling so bad for you all day - I can imagine how I'd feel if I'd spent that much time on my tree (which I did), and then it was wrecked. I just hope your knee progress hasn't been set back too far.

Lu said...

I can imagine myself doing the same thing, its so maddening having to get other people to do things. I hope your knees ok. Recently I tripped up outside, and ended with my nose in the vegetable plot. I had to walk on my knees across the mud, to get to a post to pull my self on to my feet. Got indoors and my husband said 'Sorry I didn't hear you calling, I'd have brought the camera'!!!

MotherT said...

Oh! My! Goodness! Linds, I feel so badly about your fall. Please take a few days to rest and recuperate.