Friday, December 02, 2011

There is something to eat in this house........

We had nothing to nibble, my son informed me, so, in an effort to save money, avoid shops and have a quiet day after the disasters of yesterday,  I decided to bake the old family favourite - Norwegian Kisses, aka Custies. These are cookies made with flour, icing sugar, butter and custard powder. Dipped in chocolate. This picture is of half the batch. The rest are in that tin on the left, on my high chair, because I ran out of chocolate, so they will stay plain.  

 Delicious. If you look at the rack in the distance, you will see one darker one.
 This one. It is MINE. I dropped it in the chocolate. Oops. What a pity. These biscuits took all day to bake, let me tell you. My oven does not work, so all I had was the little microwave size one, which is absolutely fine for everything except excessive baking. It did 11 biscuits at a time. 11 x 15 mins x .......  FOREVER I tell you. The plus side was that I could potter about or rest in between. The down side is that I ate a great deal of the cookie dough in the process. It is delicious. Cookie/biscuits. I am confusing myself.

While waiting, I also managed to start a huge pot of butternut soup and stew apples for Mum, so the kitchen has been a busy place today. And warm. Then I burnt the first lot of chocolate. I stuck it in the microwave to melt. BAD move. It cooked and turned grainy and revolting, so that had to be tossed out. Around the same time, I discovered a complete lack of any form of coffee in this house. A disaster. So I had to make a dash to the local supermarket for that. And the chocolate for the biscuits/cookies/deliciousthings. 
My tree. Not so perfect, propped up and a little bashed and battered. And wonky. But it is my tree this year, and after I bonded closely with it, it is starting to grow on me. If I stop looking at the unbalanced chains etc etc etc. Get a grip Linds. It is up and standing and the lights work. It will do.

So that has been my day.

I have coffee.

And cookies.


Vee said...

Yes, I'd say that you and the tree have had some bonding all right! It looks beautiful. Simply beautiful.

And the cookies do, as well. What is the proper name for biscuits there? I'd get confused, too.
Is there a recipe for these anywhere?

How are you going to carry on in December without a working oven?

Needled Mom said...

The cookies are definitely a labor of love!!!!

The tree looks delightful in spite of it all. How are you???

Linda said...

The cookies look absolutely scrumptious Linds!
And the tree...I have a soft spot in my heart for all things imperfect. They remind me of my own failings and the Father's unconditional love. I love your tree!

Meggie said...

I too, think your tree looks beautiful! And as for those cookies- even I would be tempted to try one or three! What a productive time you have had.

Barbara said...

Now the recipe for those cookies would be appreciated. I make similar but without the custard powder which I guess makes them a little more creamy.

Your tree looks fine in spite of the disasters.Think I might put mine up a little earlier this year. Since the children left home it is usually only up from immediately before Christmas until after New Years Day. A lot of work for such a short time.

Dawn said...

The tree looks a bit the worse for wear, but still lovely. The cookies look so perfect. I'm sure David was happy.

We have a cookie exchange at church today - "first annual" I suspect. So I had to break down a bake yesterday. I have to admit I cheated a tad and used a lovely mix I got at the huge Sam's store (the most dangerous place in town for me).

We have lost our lovely tea that we've had for so many years because the head honcho moved to Oklahoma and nobody wants to try to fill her shoes. Sad.

It snowed again last night - 4 already this year, but it certainly looks festive.

Have a great week-end, Linds. Pace, enjoy, relax!

Brenda said...

You are so funny! I think I 'accidentally' drop a few more of those delicious cookies in the chocolate. Yummy!