Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!!!!

Yesterday's post is well and truly gone. But then, maybe reading about such trivial matters as blocked toilets, blizzards and fascinating snow control vehicles was not that important after all. Today is the last day of 2011, and in the spirit of bloggers all over the world, I am going to talk a little of other things today.


 I could look back at everything which has happened and focus on the bigger events. However, I was listening to a radio talk show a few weeks ago and the subject for discussion was the economy. The lack of jobs. The statistic under discussion was the fact that 70% of companies surveyed said that they had no plans to recruit new employees in 2012. There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth and talk of doom and gloom going on, until one man phoned in and the whole tone of the discussion changed.

He had a happy joyful voice, and he said -"I have just seen the stats, and WOW!!! Isn't it fantastic that 30% of all companies in the UK WILL be recruiting!! Think of how many new jobs there will be!"


He has it right.

No matter how bad the bad things get, focusing on the good makes a difference. All the difference in the world. Loads of negative things happen to all of us, but, looking back, I have so much to celebrate. My son graduated from university, meaning that I now have 3 children with degrees. And a daughter-in-law too. Missy has become a beautiful 2 year old chatterbox, who delights me more each day.Watching my son revel in his role as Daddy has been fabulous. Diana has finished her Graphic Design course, and loved it all. She is now off on a South Island Adventure for a few weeks. My garden has been so beautiful, and has given so many people a great deal of pleasure. Especially me. Not to mention vegetables in abundance.

Friendships have been cemented. There have been reunions with old friends from my youth. Time spent with my family. Time spent with new friends. Don't forget the hilarious aquazumba classes, people. A real and continuing highlight of my days! There has been laughter and throughout it all, there has been enough. Enough of everything..........enough to learn contentment.

Those 2 preceding paragraphs have been a challenge. I wanted to say things like "time spent with family, but not nearly enough" and that would be defeating the purpose of what I am trying to do here today. No matter how positive my outlook can be, and the Good Lord knows I am a positive person, there is always the temptation to temper my thoughts with"buts" and "if onlys". And what good does that do? None at all.

You see, I am sick to death of things. Stuff. Piles. I have been very fortunate to have amassed stuff and to have enjoyed it through the decades, but at the ripe old age of 57, I can safely assure you that none of it is important. Of course I love most of it, especially the computer so I can chat to you here. But is it vital to my health and happiness? I am not sure it is.

It is the people. The things we do. Interaction. Building memories. Daring to reach out. Experiencing new things. Learning. Giving. Doing. In whatever way we can. For some, the gift lies in the words, and that is enough.

I don't measure what I have or give or do against anyone else any more, because I am unique and different, and my path has followed unexpected and devious twists and turns, but it has been interesting. Learning not to fear, not to worry, not to get caught up in those "what ifs" of life is unbelievably freeing. So is learning to trust. Myself. But most of all, the God who says He will never forsake me. He has never forsaken me. I know.

So with a grin, I remember the miles of crocheted goodness, the homemade designer gifts, the apple crumbles, the disintegrating bathing costume, being Mum, Moreglanny, Linds. Being me.

Being thankful in all things - ALL things. Good and bad. That teaches a whole new way of approaching challenges. Mountains. Crises. And it is a great joy, being thankful.


My word for 2012 has just changed, during the writing of this post. I have decided to choose JOY. I want to focus on the joy which is there every day. I will need to consciously seek out joy some days. Others it will be simple. But I want to celebrate each day. And celebration brings joy. I want to focus on being thankful and being thankful makes me grin and grinning brings laughter, and laughter brings happiness and happiness = joy. See? I want 2012 to bring joy.

Or rather, I am going in search of joy each and every day.

I need to laugh more. To smile more. To relax and enjoy the moment. Breathe and be. Do what I have been told to do. I want to ward off the potential of yet more wrinkles on the brow. And, you know what? Even in a day from hell, and I am well acquainted with them, believe me, there is still joy to be found. A chat to a friend, a flower, a little creativity.


I was going to choose "SEE" but that can wait.

As always, I have so much to be thankful for. Even the tears, even the pain, because they mean feeling, and feeling is vital. I feel. I am alive.

 2011 is almost gone now, and the rain is falling here. Washing away the old. 2012 will begin clean. New. Fresh. Like the first page of a new diary. I LOVE that feeling - so full of dreams and hopes and possibilities, as I start to write.

Happy New Year to each and every one of you!


Vee said...

Choosing JOY is wonderful! It sounds like you. You have a gift for pointing out the ridiculous and the humorous and the fun in life. That the post went the way of the clogged commode...and all that sort of thing.

Love you, Linds. Love your writing. Love your blog. Love your family, too, but we don't want to scare them so don't tell them that. Much joy and delight and love and happiness and all things bright and lovely in 2012!

Helen in Switzerland said...

Happy New Year Linds - I loved getting to meet you in 2011 ans look forward to following your footsteps towards joy in the year ahead!! Love Helen

Ms. Kathleen said...

The glass is have full! JOY! What a great word for 2012. Mine is Contentment! A big word! I love that first story -- what a lesson it teaches. God Bless you in 2012!

Needled Mom said...

A truly beautiful post to send the year off. I am wishing you much JOY in 2012, my friend, and I want to read all about it.

Donnetta said...

JOY... a word I could also apply a bit more focus to as well. Thanks for the example and inspiration in your words here to do more of that for myself!

Happy New Year Friend!

Dawn said...

A wonderful post, my friend. Love the outlook, and love the word. I'm still waiting for mine. But it will come.

Have a wonderful Sunday! 2012, already!

Crystal said...

Have a most joyful New Year's Day! And then may 2012 be filled with more joy for you, LInds! It's a joy to know you and to call you my friend. ((( HUGS )))

Linda said...

Happy New Year Dawn! Somehow your posts didn't come up on my reader - so I'm a bit late.
I love your word for this year. I really believe that there is joy in everything if we can just "see" it.
I'm still waiting for my word. I am thinking that there will be more than one - one for each month perhaps or just as I walk through the year.