Friday, December 16, 2011

Mince pie time........

Mince pies. Fruit mince pies. A very English tradition which spread to parts of the Commonwealth. These are Christmas delicacies, and I made a batch today. The pastry is the best in the world - it has lemon zest and ground almonds in it. One pastry recipe makes 25 of these, and there are still 25 in the tin. We know about restraint here. I dust them with sugar before serving. They are delicious served warm with brandy cream or brandy butter. Or cream. Or ice cream.

Actually, my friend, Annette popped in this morning in the middle of the mince pie endeavour, and I did offer her one straight out of the oven but it was just after breakfast so she declined.

NOW the house smells like Christmas. It is a lot to do with the spices which trigger all the memories, I know.

So today has been an "at home" day, after taking Mum to the nurse for an appointment for her ears. I finished the sewing project and then made 2 more aprons as well. They are SO easy to run up now that I have made enough to kit out the village. Practice makes speed. Not perfection.

Jean popped in on her card delivery trot around the village, and I delivered my ones around this road too. Coffee and peanut butter biscuits to sample and recipes to print. Crockpot supper and apple and plum crumble.......who cares if it is below zero outside???

Short and sweet today, people. I need to do a little of the ripple tonight before I nod off.

PS You can make your own fruit mince , by the way - it keeps up to a year in the fridge. Let me know if anyone wants the recipe and I will pop it up here.


someone else said...

I am curious as to what is in a mince pie. I've never had one.

Vee said...

I am very curious about the pastry. I'm not much of a fan of mincemeat. Here, people like either mincemeat made with venison or mincemeat made with fruits. What's yours made from? They sure look pretty, Linds. I can't imagine making that many pies even if they are small.

Kelli said...

I may be game to try and make some .... so, "Pop" away!

Needled Mom said...

They look just beautiful and I can imagine how heavenly the house must smell.

I like your idea of "delivering" your Christmas cards rather than mailing them.

I hope the ripple is big enough to keep you warm with temperatures like that!