Friday, December 28, 2012

Another wet and grey day in Middle England........

The news of the day is that 2012 is officially the wettest day since records began. We know that. I have never been as damp in my life, and seem to have lived in the waterproof jacket which was never intended for constant use. Oh well.

Isn't it typical - at the start of spring, we had a hosepipe ban after the driest winter since records.....etc etc. It began AFTER we had all planted drought resistant gardens, and bought extra water butts. The ban, that is. And the day after it came into force, the heavens opened and lo, the waters poured forth day after day after day......

We are blessed to have so much water.

We would happily share it with drought stricken parts of the globe.

Drought resistant gardens do not thrive in monsoon like conditions.

So the moral of the story is just plant stuff, and then water if necessary.

If one can ever get the green stuff off the paving slabs and kill off the slugs, which (according to the news) have multiplied in humongous numbers. I believe in slug pellets. I do not like slugs and they can go next door if they want to, but come onto my turf and you will be HISTORY, slugs.

I am quite sure I didn't intend to chat about slugs this morning. I am awake and up early because daughter had to get the train at some unreasonable hour, and therefore needed a lift to the station, which was deserted. I gather all London offices have stayed shut all week, because we are in the commuter belt here and no-one seems to be commuting, judging by the empty car parks. And the extraordinarily cheap ticket.

So I may gather strength in a while, and take mother to visit a couple of shops.

Since the wee one departed, I have failed to take any photos, because I have done nothing exciting. Just pottered about and tried to get the fridge under control. I gathered up all the leftovers last night, popped them in a pot with some stock and made soup. It had to be modified quite a lot, because I overdid the stock bit, but milk to the rescue and a spoon of sugar and we were good to go. I liked it, anyway.

The washing continues to add a unique ambience to every room in the house, and so help me, the laundry basket is full. I am trying to ignore this fact.


Well, since I hammered out the above post, I have been in to town with mother to check out some sales, buy some bargains - did you know the 99p shop has a half price Christmas sale on? Four Father Christmas hats for 50p? Haha. We will have hats for next year. Well, 4 of us will. At 12.5p each one can't lose, now can one?

Panettone £1.50 at Wilcos. Bargain.

Now I need to go and hang up more washing, defrost something for supper, tidy the kitchen, younameit. This is to stop me from wandering through Amazon's corridors adding to my wish list. Oh I do love wandering through Amazon's corridors, don't you????

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Vee said...

Yes, I had a lovely little wander just last evening through that place. ☺

Are there any sales on driers? There should be. Soon.

Those hats are all well and good only IF you can find them next year. I know I sound bitter...don't ask.

Stay dry...I hate slugs, too...that daughter better be coming back shortly...sounds as if you need a good fake fire.