Sunday, December 02, 2012

Snow and a whole lot of sewing......

The snow has been falling since I woke up this morning, but I think it may be easing off now. There was a Chlausmarkt in the Kursaal, and I donned the many layers, and off I went in the blizzard. 

Half the village was there, and they were selling bratwurst and melted cheese on bread (divine) outside as well. Sammi Klaus was due to make an appearance this afternoon, but I was home before he appeared. I walked around the many stalls about 3 times, and there were some really interesting items. I have to say, my recession heaters would make me a fortune, because the local equivalent, on a couple of stalls, starts at CHF15 and rises to CHF35. And they were nowhere near as classy as mine (she says, without any guilt at all). And my mother could make even more of a fortune selling her mountain of crochet blankets. Scarves cost an arm and a leg, and in fact, everything was really expensive, and people were buying. 

This is excellent, you see, because, quite clearly, the buyers recognise the value of hand-made items. This is not something that happens where I live. I remember one lady objecting to paying more than 50p for something which took me hours to make a long time ago. I saw some gorgeous hand spun yarn, and would have bought some, but I couldn't afford CHF27 for 100g. Sigh. So I didn't buy anything, although the fresh cinnamon rolls were calling my name.

I resisted.

So I came home to make more doll's clothes for Billy. Marge and I were on a roll last night, and he acquired some pyjamas, a couple of tops made from socks and another jacket with a hood - and some socks. Today, he has acquired 2 sweaters made from socks, a sweatshirt and a pair of long shorts and a dressing gown. To go with his pjs.
It is amazing what one sock can morph into, isn't it!

I think he is now adequately prepared for the cold weather.

Now Marge and I have to do the inventories and sit and chat for the rest of the evening. I have just been out, wading through the snow to take some photos of me in my rocking chair (the metal version). It was more difficult than I thought it would be with mountains of snow through which the metal me plummeted. Sigh.

 The real me sank as well. 

The snow stopped so I got all kitted out again and went to take just a few more (98 actually) photos in the snow. I love all the icicles! And the snow-blown patterns on the fencing as well.

Switzerland is so beautiful.


Susan said...

Mmmmm Raclette - melted cheese on bread. It's even better on a potato!

I LOVE your photos.

It snowed in Zurich today, and everything is so pretty -- but not as pretty as where you are.

Vee said...

Did you have some of the melted cheese on bread with bratwurst? (As you know, I've been waiting for some descriptions of food.)

It is best not to sell homemade items too cheaply. I remember a gal who made exquisite vests and couldn't sell them locally for a few dollars. When she took them to the coast where the richer folks live, she couldn't sell them either. Finally, someone told her that she really had to mark them up because those folks thought that there was something wrong with them to be priced so low. When she started selling them at a very pricey mark, they sold like hotcakes. It's an art the pricing business.

Switzerland is so beautiful it takes the breath away.

Isabelle said...

Very beautiful indeed.

Crystal said...

I was at a market here yesterday and it was such fun. Some handknit items like little hats for newborns (from wool that the women carded themselves) were marked down from $10 to $2 - an extraordinary bargain. I felt bad but she said she wants to move them along. The socks were $25 and ever so soft - such beautiful wools they had. I bought a camouflage colored crocheted hat for Malachi - it has little ear flaps and is adorable! I wish we could to a market together and just browse and exclaim over things :) The best thing about yesterday was going on a house tour and seeing the. most. fantastic. displays in 6 local homes (I'm going to write about it this week).

I saw aprons for little people and I'm going to make Blake one - Meadow has one and he doesn't so I know he'll love it. He is Naomi's right hand man in the kitchen these days :)

Missy is going to love that complete wardrobe for her doll - I love the ideas you've created. You should have an Etsy shop, you know!

Needled Mom said...

I had a doll named Billy when I was little too.

The photos continue to be stunning. So much snow in such a short period of time!!!!

The brats sound delicious. I hope you enjoyed some.