Saturday, December 08, 2012

Decorating - in stages.......

Hello, everyone, from under the mountain of Christmas boxes. The house is not in a good place right now, and if I sit for too long, I will seize up and have to spend the rest of my life in the chair. Or so it feels.

The skies were blue and the sun bright, and it was very cold out, so this afternoon, I decided to Put Up The Tree. And re-arrange the lounge at the same time, and then get the ladder and climb up 3 steps of it repeatedly to get down some of the boxes of Christmas decorations which David and I managed to leave right at the hatch to the loft. I can tell you now that I have to repeat this ladder thing tomorrow, because half the things I need are still up there hiding. Somewhere. That had better be somewhere very close to the entrance, believe me.

So, in the process of putting up the tree and sorting 7 boxes, and discovering things I will not be using until I move into a house around the size of Downton Abbey, I mislaid a packet of chocolates. Somewhere. I have no idea where and I had just opened it and sampled one. Wail. I have searched high and low and have concluded that I must have thrown them out. They are nowhere, but I draw the line at emptying the black outdoor rubbish bin. I did consider it for a very short second.

Ah yes, I must tell you - I read through my spam folder earlier, and one comment for the last post was this: "Very boring post". And then some weird link to a page I have no intention of visiting. Very boring. Hmmmm. Maybe.

So where was I......

The house. We are in between chaos and order, at the point where I know it will get a lot worse before it gets better. The part where you tend to lose the will to live. I also tossed out my coffee machine today. I looked at it and calculated the age, and when last I had used it, and into the bin it went. I have one of those cafetiere thingys and that works fine. Then I tossed out a great pile of magazines. Followed by a bag of oddments. I was like an express train zapping all around the place. Mother went and hid upstairs when I started assembling the tree. Things sort of ground to a halt when I couldn't find the lights for the tree, so she returned to her couch, and then I found them, while trying to find place for candle holders in my hi-fi unit.

Do not ask.

So I got into an almighty tangle with two strings of lights, so had to be rescued by mother, who undid the knots, and they are on the tree. At last.

And then I discovered that I could not get up from the floor. Or bend. Or anything.

"Pace yourself, Linds" I hear the words echoing about the brain. But I wanted things done. NOW. You know the feeling? Patience and I are not best friends. Anyway, things are not done yet, the tree is not decorated, and I have retired for the night. No more. If I could find those chocolates, things may be different, of course. But they are lost. Sniff.

We went along to the village church's bazaar this morning. Glynis was very involved, and her handicrafts stall was lovely. After looking around at everything on offer, we made some purchases, and then had coffee and cake, and chatted to our friends for a while. A lovely start to the day.

And now, at the end of the day, all I want to do is sink into a hot bath. Provided I can get out again.

And I would completely understand if someone left a "Very boring post" comment after this lot.

I will be back tomorrow, and I may even take some photos of the finished decorations, providing they are get finished, that is.


Linds said...

This template is temporary. It will be changing. Tomorrow.

Needled Mom said...

I always feel the same way while putting up the decorations. I could get rid of 75% of them and STILL have to many. It's just that there are so many memories tied up in them...and, oh, how the little ones love them!

I think I will go eat some chocolate for you!

Isabelle said...

Your post is a bit like mine only mine isn't about Christmas. I'm a long way from being ready to get anything out of the attic. There's too much chaos around as it is!

Vee said...

Your honesty is refreshing. I am so sorry about the chocolates...perhaps they will turn up yet. I have too many boxes stored and so have resorted to the one box of Christmas called "Christmas Lite." I think I could get rid of the rest now. I'm ready.

Tigger said...

It wouldn't let me post just now and now I've forgotten what I wanted to say in the first place.....oh well....never mind.....thanks for always being so entertaining.......Ah ! That was it: a blog that never fails to make me smile can't ever be boring.

Cait O'Connor said...

I hope you got your nice hot bath, you deserve it.

Susan said...

I am so sorry about the chocolates!

This time of year, it's hard to pace ourselves. Here in Zurich, we have received much snow, so a slower pace is key. Especially outside. I've been using one of my walking sticks just to go up and down our steps and walk the dog!

Your blog is never boring. Thank you for sharing your life with us.