Thursday, December 27, 2012

Linds's Christmas 2012 Pt 2...................


Part 1 is down below this post - so it would be better if you scrolled down and read that one first!

iPads are wonderful things. Granny was doing a crossword puzzle here, ably assisted by grandson #1. (It is Ann's iPad, by the way!) She cottoned on very quickly. Maybe everyone needs iPads. Maybe I need to win the lotto too. Sigh.

- I decided that I really needed - wanted - to have some family photos, because heaven knows when we will all be together again, in the same place. This is not an easy thing to do when the family members are not altogether thrilled by the idea, and the small granddaughter is not only not thrilled, but vehemently opposed to it. Loudly. Think wails and screeches and much gnashing of the teeth.

My daughter-in-law, was, however, very happy to oblige, and that meant my kids all took part. You can see how excited they all are, can't you????

We came up with a wonderful way to get some photos, at the very least, when our friends arrived for coffee and mince pies yesterday morning. I handed over the camera, and asked them to take some of the grandchildren with Granny, and also to try to get some of the family in vaguely the same spot. And to try to get Missy included one way or another.

A tall order.


But success!!! Of a kind. At least we are all there! I could post all the wild attempts to get some co-operation from the 3year old, but you can use your imagination instead.


And then Diana played with the timer and we have a wonderful photo of all of our extended "family" together. Just Missy who went awol. 


The Christmas cake was duly cut (I sent some home with A and A, who left shortly after the marathon photo and mince pie session) and it tastes delicious. 

Did I mention that my 2 girls, Diana and Ann kicked me out of my kitchen on Christmas day after we got back from church in the morning, and they did the cooking?? Or that I poured too much brandy over the Christmas pudding and had to hit it with a spoon to put out the flames as I served it? Or that the cinnamon sticks are still missing after our hunt for them to make mulled wine on Christmas morning? (Ann and Google did a fine job anyway!) Or that we ate so much we all needed naps after lunch? Or that the lights on the bottom half of the Christmas tree went out yesterday morning, and I had to get David to grab some more old ones from the loft, which we tossed on on top of the decorations? We need the tree to stay lit till the 6th January - 12th Night. Mum took ages untangling them. She has the patience which I am sadly lacking. 

And here we are..........

Diana is in town looking at all the shops (and the sales) and Mum is making another blanket for the homeless from the wool stash. David has been fixing this computer, and me???? Well, I am very tired. 

I didn't tell you that the tumble drier bit the dust did I? Yes, I think I did. Then the toaster expired and a piece of the microwave fell off. The house looks like a Chinese laundry with things drying all over the place. 

But I have had all my family under one roof for a few days and we all lived to tell the tale. And it was good. Very, very good. 

There are still times, though, when I wish they were all little again, and...........


Susan said...

Merry December 27th! I loved reading this. What fun, and the attempts at photos brought a chuckle. I think all families have the same challenge when it comes to photos. My 3 kids were with us in Zurich and we got a pic the LAST night they were here! Even the dog made it in the shot.

Your Christmas Cake looks fantastic, I wish I had a piece right now to go with my mug of tea.

God bless you Linds and thanks for blogging.

zztop357 said...

I really don't think you would change a thing.....It wouldn't be the same.I love the fact that my kids are now adults and making their own traditions.
I miss when they were small, but thats what we worked sooo hard for.Now its all about the grandkids. I am content on Christmas day.All the hard work has paid off.
Now to start working on next year...LOL

Debbie said...

It's so wonderful (and rare for me as well) to have all the children home at the same time. I know you loved it!!

Barbara said...

Glad you got to have your family around you. Your Mum continues to do so well.

someone else said...

I really love the group photos!