Monday, December 10, 2012

I actually charged the camera and downloaded the photos.......

Time has flown today. I had lists to see to and we have managed medical and dental appointments, braved the chaos and endless queues at the Post Office, ticked off things like stringing snowflakes, and had a happy lunch with Jean. The butternut soup is never ending. I also charged the camera batteries and even remembered to download the photos. A miracle. or more to the point, the written lists work. 


I found a few photos I took on the day I flew home, which were never downloaded in Switzerland so here we go on one last look at the Alps. For now. The skies were so blue in the early morning, but by lunch time, they were grey and it was about to snow.


How beautiful can it get?????


And back to the second Sunday in Advent. Two candles burning in my advent wreath, which is the hanging one on my kitchen table. I love it. 


Well, the tree is done, and the Nativity set is out, and we are getting ready for Christmas around here. 


The reds are out on the couches, and we are looking quite festive here............


Ooooh! Back to the stunning blue skies and the snow and the sun on the snow and I am sure you know what I am saying. This is the view from my sister's lounge. Can I just remind you all that green is not a very nice colour and doesn't suit you. I know. I know. I wish you could all come with me and let me show you where I walk........ Just ignore the graffiti on the house in the foreground. There are imbeciles everywhere, it seems. 


Sun rising behind peaks where the snow is blowing in the wind............



What can I say. 

There are no mountains outside my windows here. Or snow. Or blue skies. Or hang on, maybe we did have blue skies this morning for a while - I seem to remember sun shining. It did not last. I think I will start on the wrapping of the presents soon. They will make the tree look a little less forlorn. Trees need presents under them. I have no idea where I put the tree skirt. I may or may not bother. It really is not going to matter! 

Remind me to tell you of the time I tried to take photos of my little metal lady in the rocking chair in the snow. I might show you some photos tomorrow.........


Linds said...

The candles were depressing me, and I can't find anything remotely Christmassy, and I live in the UK so telephone boxes are FINE and they are red. And Red is Christmassy, ergo telephone boxes are Christmassy. This is the First Scientific Law of Linds' Logic. And a Merry Christmas to all of you!!!

Vee said...

I wasn't even going to ask, Linds, really. ☺

Oh the buntings look so fine. I started mine and quit. For a while it didn't seem so important and now it does again. Wouldn't you just know?

Switzerland is perfect for all those celebrating Hanukkah...delicious blue and white.

Your home looks beautiful and festive, warm, cheerful and cozy to the max. When does Diana come home? Next week? David? Missy and parents? Oh you can't wait I know, but look at all you're accomplishing in the meantime.

someone else said...

There are times I come back to your blog just to look at the pictures again. The Switzerland ones are so stunning and I'm sure I've never seen that shade of blue sky here.

The kitchen? Well, I want to be sitting in my chair there having coffee, or in that beautiful lounge covered up by the blanket, chatting into the wee hours. Every time I see these two rooms, I get the warmth from remembering last May.