Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I aim to amuse......

I am being challenged, people. 


So would you be, if you were sitting where I am this very second. Hang on, and I will show you the exact spot.


There. On that chair. 

Right. My ever so comfortable spot to write here. Well, there I was, typing merrily away when my arms started feeling a little achy. And the next moment, my sister skyped with me, and I could not for the life of me work out what was wrong with my camera, because I could just see the top of my head. And that was all she could see too. I was craning the neck (which knocked 10 years off my appearance, let me add) and then the light bulb moment occurred. Why exactly, were my knees so high, my bottom so low and my arms at an incline??????

Yes. My wonderful desk chair has begun deflating itself. As in, I sit on it in the right high position, and slowly, millimetre by millimetre, it sags toward the floor. It takes time. Like about 20 minutes to sink, but sink it does, and here I am, chin level with the desk and arms .......

Oy. Life does throw curve balls, doesn't it? I did not expect my chair to descend to the depths. And of course it has nothing to do with my not inconsiderable rear end. It is just a tired seat. That is what I have decided, because I am all about not depressing myself any further. (I have remembered my declared intent to lose 20 kgs this year. All I will say is I FAILED and we will never ever return to the subject again, do you hear me????? )

Up. Down. Up. Down.

I am amusing myself. I can provide entertainment. Just remind me not to sit with my feet under the chair. They may get trapped as I sink. Yes. I can feel the floor approaching.



I am sitting down because I have just finished making batch #1 of the Christmas biscuits (cookies). (Here is the link for the Custies recipe )This would be because we have a house group Christmas get together tomorrow and one is supposed to take edible goodies. My non-working oven and I had a little prayer meeting together, and I suggested that ANY working format would be better than nothing, and I tell you, the prayer was answered because it worked with just the elements and no fan. Sort of. It did take exactly 26 minutes to reach 180C (350F) but I am patient. Haha. Hoho. It was a miracle and I have biscuits to show for it too. I thought that I would try a more refined approach instead of glaring at it and perhaps giving it a kick. What do they say? Gently, gently, catchy monkey???

In a fit of enthusiasm, I then cooked supper. It was dark. And once I was ready to serve it, I discovered that it was 4.50pm. Ten to five. Supper. Groan. We should be about ready for the next meal at 9.30pm at this rate. Always providing my bottom has not become glued to the floor.


Today has been a white day. A hard frost left the world spiked with white, and it was absolutely beautiful. Every spider's web became visible. 


Leaves were outlined with icicles. 


I was out taking photos of the trees, and I walked a few metres down the road and turned to take photos, and the trees seemed brown. Back to the house, and they were white. Just one side was frozen. Incredible.

Blue skies too! But oh, so cold, as Jean Mum and I headed for the supermarket. We have a system, you see - we go to Lidl and buy as much as we can there because we get really excellent bargains, and then pop round the corner to Waitrose to have a coffee in luxury and comfort, made even more exciting now that we have loyalty cards which entitle us to a free coffee! Oh the bliss. I do like my coffee. Especially when it is free. 

I am starting to feel a little hungry. Hmmm. It is just after 9pm................


Cait O'Connor said...

Before I read this post I looked at your room which looks the sort of place where a lot of creativity happens. Then I noticed your chair which I think is identical to mine! Then I read on and had to laugh..

A lovely post, biccies look great, you must post the recipe ....and I enjoyed lovely frosty images.

Stripeyspots said...

The frost is beautiful! And can I suggest one of those large exercise balls as a replacement for your chair. I knew a wonderful neurologist who used one instead of a chair in his office and he said it was wonderful for posture.

Linds said...

I have one of those, which I use for core exercises. They are wonderful. I don't know if I have the strength to sit on one, balance and think straight enough to write at the same time though!

Vee said...

My chair is doing the same thing. Sigh. It is Christmas. We have time to think of those pounds, which we don't wish to discuss much less think about, in the New Year. I am baking those cookies before the weekend. I am. I really, really am. They look heavenly. Just as they did last year.

Needled Mom said...

I do hope that you are keeping those feet in a safe place. Who knew chairs would sink???

The biscuits look delicious. You have been busy.

The icy appearance of the leaves and web is just gorgeous. I know it is cold, but it surely looks pretty.

Lisa Marie said...

OK those cookie pictures have made me hungry!!
And too funny about the chair ~ I had that happen once to me only the chair was slowly breaking apart and soon I was sitting on the floor!!