Wednesday, March 27, 2013

37 years ago today.............

wedding (56)
Thirty seven years ago, I was a bride. 22 years old. 
wedding (77)
And it was a hot hot day in Cape Town, with blue skies and sunshine, bright sun umbrellas, beautiful flowers and amazing food too. 

wedding (44)
Just as well it was hot, really, because the reception was at home in the garden, and there were over 200 people there.

wedding (55)
My make-up melted twice before the wedding at 10am. Twice. I think I sort of gave up after that, and so did the guests so that was fine. 

wedding (39)
We all melted together. I do remember ditching the shoes and letting the long train of my dress fly out behind me as I walked around the swimming pool. I loved that dress.
wedding (37)
37 years ago. How is that possible? And I was so young. Geoff was 33. He knew what he was doing!!

Well, I think so.

That was a long time ago, and here I am in England, with 3 adult children and one granddaughter. And those 37 years are full of memories and laughter, tears and fun, yells and adventures.

And I am just thinking that on that day in March so many years ago, I had no idea what lay ahead. I just knew that I was with the man I loved and that we would be fine, no matter what happened or where life took us. 3 weeks later, we were on a plane back to the UK with Geoff's mum as well. And off he went to sea again. .

Anyway. I just thought it would be fun to post the photos.  


Susan said...

I LOVE wedding photos - these are wonderful! What a beautiful gown. Your bridesmaid's dresses remind me a lot of mine. Simplicity pattern with dotted Swiss for ours. Happy day to you - such lovely memories.

Run Quilt Knit Write said...

Lovely! You were a very pretty bride!

Sandra said...

Beautiful photos Linds, you were a gorgeous bride ;)

Linda said...

Soooo lovely Linds. What a beautiful bride you were.

Chris said...

I adore your dress! (and the person in it!)

Lu said...

Where have 37 years gone? mine was in the October in UK not as hot. Bridesmaid dresses simular but with out puffes sleeves. Now have 2 afult children and one grandchild

Crystal said...

You look beautiful and so very happy! I loved seeing the photos and hearing your story about this most special day. My bridesmaids dresses were very similar too - it was the 70's, wasn't it?! ((( HUGS )))

Pam said...

Ah... aren't you all lovely, and so happy!

Needled Mom said...

What fun memories. It's hard to imagine how mature we thought we were at such a young age.

Loved seeing the pictures, Linds. I am glad you were able to share so many memories with Geoff.

Vee said...

Oh thank you for posting the were a beautiful bride marrying a handsome groom. Life takes us in many different directions through the years. I so enjoy the Memory Lane sorts of posts. Your bridesmaids' dresses look so reminiscent of the time, but your wedding dress is more of a classic, timeless one. Do you still have it?

Debbie said...

I love the photos and you were a beautiful bride.

Pam said...

Linds! These are lovely! Thank you so much for sharing them. I love how you said you ditched the shoes and let your dress fly out behind you. So carefree and full of life. So beautiful then and now.