Monday, March 04, 2013

I may have charged the battery of the camera at last.........


Welcome, indeed!
In the comments for the last post, Tigger mentioned the word for the year - Joy, and oh yes, my friend, for all the wailing about the chins and all, I feel it. Joy. I am trying to make sure it is kept front and centre, but there are times when the impartial observer (like mother) may come to the conclusion that I am devoid of joy and full of irritation and to be avoided at all costs.

In other words, I am human. 




The sun is shining today and I have been out in pursuit of signs of Spring but, apart from a crocus or 2, there are few to be seen, unless you get up close and check out all the buds and new growth emerging on the roses, lilac bushes and everything else. The wind is very chilly, but apparently, we should have temps of 15C tomorrow! 

Real Spring! 

And tomorrow is the day that my Car Angel, Bob, the mechanic, is coming to see if my car is salvageable. Did I mention that it expired last week? Last Sunday to be exact, so I have been without transport for over a week, and although a really wonderful friend has lent me a little car, I can't get into it without hitting my leg, and that is not good. Diana has been driving me around, with permission. This is good, but not ideal. I need my car.


So we have been out looking at different models to see what is available in case the amount of money needed to fix mine is more than the value of the car. All I need is a car I can rely on to go. And, in an ideal world, one that is high enough for me (and Mum) to get into easily. And out of, of course. And I need an automatic car now. I have yet to test drive any I have seen, but we have another 6 or so dealers to visit before I make up a final list. 

It would be simple to wail and moan about things like broken cars, wouldn't it. I love my car. I have had it for 9 years and it is 12 years old now. It has been great and I am no car snob. If I like it and it is reliable, it can stick around for decades. I see no point in changing every couple of years. But I think Old Faithful is getting weary. And Diana and I have had fun checking out new ones. There has been much laughter as well. Joy in the time spent searching with my daughter. But all the " in and out" of the little car has taken its toll and we are not dancing through the tulips right now. Think a very slow plod. 


That meant I stopped and saw the crocus in the garden down the road. 

And grinned. (While we got the breathing under some control.)


I must go and finish that blanket I started ages ago, using up wool. It is in a heap on the floor in the lounge and I keep seeing it out of the corner of my eye.


Yes - you may have noticed that Winter is gone and Spring is here. Inside. 

And here is one lovely sign of things to come at my front door. Viola - colour, beauty and bringing with them, a whole lot of JOY. 


Kelli said...


That is all.

Anonymous said...

Your blog always brings JOY into my life.

MaryLou/Victoria, Texas

Isabelle said...

Everything looks so lovely.

I hope the car is mendable. Fingers crossed!

Run Quilt Knit Write said...

Oh I absolutely love the spring decorations - your house looks LOVELY!!! It certainly says joy to me!
Good luck on the car front!

Chris said...

And where is your new hairdo???

Chris said...

BTW I am so jealous of your brilliant artistc ability! LOVELY decorating!!!

Crystal said...

Your home looks lovely with the makeover for spring. So fresh and yet calm - just perfect. I am most envious of the blooming flowers. Ours are buried under a fresh 6" snowfall :( Good luck with the car hunt.

Edith said...

Lovely pictures. Especially loved the kitchen. While things are getting ready to bloom we have snow coming down today - under a winter storm warning. We shall see what the rest of the month brings.

Anonymous said...

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