Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Still freezing.......

Oh my word it is cold. That is the printable version of what I was thinking as i stepped outside. My hands have lost all feeling after a moment or two out there in the greyness. The wind is the real problem. Frigid. 

But inside, we are warm. Ish. I am not a great believer of hothouse interiors in winter. I believe in wearing jumpers and layers. And blankets it necessary, and my reasoning is that we will not get sick. Amazingly, it seems to do the trick, because we are tough old birds here, and no-one has succumbed to anything so far. We freeze the germs. And also, it makes heating affordable, although the papers are now all full of the fact that gas prices are about to soar. 

More layers then. 

And recession heaters. 

We have plenty. 
My granddaughter wants to see the Easter trees here, so this is the one in the hallway, Missy..... lots of little bunnies all over it. 

Speaking of layers and blankets, I have finally finished the attache as you crochet granny square blanket. I made a large border to sort of balance it, and it is soft and warm, bit I am not 100% convinced about it. it is all attached, so that is good. And I spent last night sewing in all the ends. I loathe that part of the creating. 
I haven't blocked it yet. I don't usually worry too much about the blocking. Do you, crochet friends? Is it really worth it? 
It is indisputably bright. Cheerful. And finished. Now i need to think of another project, given that I still can't plant anything anywhere. Frustration is mounting. 
Yesterday, Jean, Jenny and i went to do our hour in the church prayer room. The chancel is set up as a house with different rooms, and different questions and prompts to guide the prayer, and it is so peaceful and lovely there. The hour just flew by and we could easily have done another. I love the way it focuses the mind on what is important, and how the warmth and peace surrounds you as you move around the "house". We go every year - a very special time. 

In preparation for Easter, if you haven't read this breath-tasking post by Jen Hatmaker, I urge you to do so. Seriously. Breath-taking. 

The house above, a very old house opposite the church, had a beautiful fringe of icicles hanging from the thatch. 
See? Beautiful. Only I wouldn't advise walking under it as it starts thawing!

This is our church. And the snow. And Jean and Jenny heading towards the little door on the right too go to the prayer room/chancel. 
Here you are, Missy - a photo of the big tree in the kitchen just for you. Eggs and birds and butterflies and chickens and bunnies. 

Picture heavy and not so many words. I gave aquazumba a miss this morning. Sometimes, it is unquestionably time to slow down. Like now. I sincerely hope it is warmer at your homes, my friends. This extended winter seems to be covering the northern hemisphere. Just think - maybe we will all have a stunning summer!

I live in hope........


Vee said...

Well perhaps now is not the time to share with you about the summer that never was. It's the stuff of legend and lore around the globe...1816?...so hard to remember my dates after a while. LOL!

No, we shall not talk of that. Let's chat about the warmth and sweetness that the Easter trees represent. They are darling. Do they turn to spring trees with butterflies and birds? I vaguely remember this...perhaps...I could be making it up.

The time spent in prayer at the church sounds very calming and you must surely have felt that you were in the presence of the Lord. We always are, of course, but we don't always "sense" it.

Needled Mom said...

With all of that cold, I do hope it will be a stunning and prolonged summer. The wintery scenes are amazing.

I always love seeing your Easter decorations too.

Sandra said...

What is going on with the cold over there, you guys are all freezing and it doesn't seem to be letting up anytime soon huh? Sheesh!

Love your Easter trees, and I'm going over to read the link you posted.

I love your crocheted blanket, and I'm like you, I don't worry too much about blocking, matter of fact I don't do it unless it REALLY and I mean REALLY looks wonky.