Saturday, March 16, 2013

Thought provoking posts.......

"You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream."

How true that is - you are never too old to set goals or to dream. This is most definitely a huge part of me. If there is nothing to look forward to, or to work towards, then what the heck are we doing with our lives? Every new project we start, every plan we make for the garden, every dream we have of adventures.... all good. And all essential for living rich and full days. Now that I am older, my life is taking on a different shape and colour, and there are so many different things to get to grips with. I have been reading things which leap out at me and make me stop in my tracks. Eureka moments. Do you have them too? 

I also know that I have some unrealistic dreams, but I keep them in the "dreams book" because I have never got round to admitting the impossible exists. It is not a part of me, and never has been. I overlook potential problems and get on with the dreaming. I probably always will, because it is me. Me. 

And then I stumbled upon this and, instead of just nodding my head in agreement at the wisdom of the words and moving on, I stopped and realised that in many ways, I am doing what they said they regretted. Or not doing. And it messed with my mind a WHOLE LOT yesterday. Pop off and read or re-read it, people. I will wait here. #1 and #3 specifically. {{Shudder.}}

If you read the headings, you can happily nod all the way through. BUT, if you read the examples she cites, all of a sudden there are the "wait a minute...." moments. Dreams, not fulfilled because of worry about other people.....not expressing yourself well, holding back the words, and then this bit " they settled for a mediocre existence and never became who they were truly capable of becoming". Hmmm. 

Possibly because I am over the hump, so to speak, of life - ie there are more days lived out already than probably lie ahead (I don't actually think I want to be 116 anyway) I found the whole article very pertinent. I need to make some changes. 

And then in the vein of change, I read another post, this time about adult children, and this too, was a clarion call, so off you go and read it now.

Bev at Numbering the Days has written about her dear friend's visit, and the life lesson she learned from her - as did I and I suspect a great many others. 

Tris loved me enough, was wise enough, that she spoke the truth. She said, 'Bev, it isn't about YOUR family anymore. It's about them and theirs. They all turned out great. Be thankful for that. Enjoy it. Let them each have their own lives.'

This shouts out loudly to me - your family is gone or going - their focus in life is to build their own home and life,  and on it goes. Of course it is right. Once they grow and leave, it is to do as the birds do, fly, build, nest and ever onwards. I loved the part where she spoke of the returning birds not finding their parents and sibling each year! 

And here I am, just like her, wanting a family - MY family- photo too. But then, I don't think there is anything wrong with wanting a photo. However, in MY family, this is always an epic task and generally does not work. Anyway. I can cut and paste and crop and touch up and make myself slimmer and more glamorous and slinky and do one myself. 


So there has been a whole lot of thinking going on here. No doubt there will be a lot more talking too in the days to come.  But this very moment, the sun has popped out after a wet and cold day so I am going to inspect the boundaries.... ie check the pots in the garden for new growth. I need the vitamin D. 
Have a lovely weekend!


Vee said...

That was interesting. I was most influenced by #s 4 and 5. Somehow I like to believe that these big life issues are a whole lot easier for Christians who know that this life isn't all that there is. I might wish that I had had the boldness to speak more about that very my earthly days are winding down. Must remind myself of this. And I do think it's fun when the kids find that we have "other plans." Though, truth to tell, we make way for them nearly every time because we love them and we do ordinarily have a "hands off" approach to their lives. (I'll be moving in soon enough. LOL!)

Sandra said...

Definitely thought provoking Linds.

I think it's true that so many of us live our lives trying to please others, worried about how others will see us and what they think, that we tend to not be our true selves.

Linda said...

This really is thought provoking Linds. Do you know, I've been mulling over an idea. See what you think of it. Wouldn't it be nice to have a place for "bloggers of a certain age" to gather occasionally - sort of like an (in)courage for older women? I know there is great wisdom in older women and younger women sharing - but sometimes I long to chat about things we are going through in this season of our lives. I don't actually have a clue where to begin or how it would look, but I have been thinking about it for a while now.
Have a lovely weekend Linds.

Crystal said...

What great thoughts and links you shared today! The point about work struck a cord with me - I have not regretted leaving my fulltime job one single time! I am so glad that I've done what I wanted and what we were able to as the years have gone by. I too long for the family photos with us all together and I am happy if it can happen once a year. It is good to be reminded that my children have friends and family and many who love them and want to be included in their lives - which means they are always busy! I pray our son and son-in-laws can navigate the 'working too much' highway - it is a twisting mesmerizing freeway here in Alberta! These are good thoughts to mull over on a cold and snowy day! I must make some hot chocolate with whipped cream - just the way I like it! - now :)) Wish you were here to sit a while with me!

Tigger said...

Life's not a rehearsal - live it as if every day is your last.
Easy to say, much less easy to do but sooooo worth trying !

boysmum2 said...

You need dreams to ahve something to look forward to. As you say 'never too old to dream'